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First Vice Prime Minister: No melamine found in Chinese flour.

Melamine was not found in Chinese flour, First Vice Prime Minister Iskenderbek Aidaraliev told journalists on Thursday.The First Vice Prime Minister said the initial version of translation of the report with findings of lab tests from Germany reads that melamine was detected in flour. Later it was found out that translators of a private translation agency, where the Chief of Grain Examination Center, Jolon Omkeev, ordered translation of this document, made a mistake in translation, Aidaraliev said.Apart from lab test findings from Germany, the governmental commission has obtained lab test results from 7-8 other laboratories. According to these results, neither melamine, nor kharpa beetle were found in Chinese flour.According to Iskanderbek Aidaraliev, samples of Chinese flour were sent to the following laboratories:1. Almaty Branch of the National Examination and Certification Center -- this laboratory examines food products based on its accreditation. The lab carried out tests on 13 October 2008 and found no pests in Chinese flour.2. All-Russian Center for Plant Quarantine -- found no kharpa beetle in flour.3. Independent Bread Inspection of the Kyrgyz Republic found no kharpa beetle and other pests in Chinese flour either.4. Kyrgyz Ministry of Public Health examined bacteriological index and said that Chinese flour meets technical requirements and norm in a report signed by the chief sanitary doctor of October 23, 2008. 5. Accredited Food Examination Laboratory at the Research Institute for Storage of the Russian Federal Stock Agency. According to lab test findings, all norms are met, Chinese flour is pure. 6. Food and Bread Long Storage Technology Laboratory of the Russian Reserve Agency of Moscow found no chemicals in Chinese flour7. Accredited Food Examination Laboratory said no chemicals were found in Chinese flour in report of November 6 8. Food Research Institute of the Russian Medical Academy said no chemicals were found in Chinese flour either in report of November 79. The German laboratory for examination of chemical and food products sent a report with findings in English. "Local media reported yesterday that the German laboratory found melamine and cyanuric acid. We began checking this information and found a mistake in translation. The original report reads that cyanuric acid and melamine were not found in flour. The mistake was made due to improper translation," said Uchkunbek Tashbaev, Chief of Economy, Trade and Entrepreneurship Department at Prime Minister's Office.Tashbaev said that reports reads: "Melamine below detection limit = 0.2 mg and cyanuric acid -- detection = 0.9 ml per 1 kg." "This phrase was translated into Russian as 'detected', while in fact this means below the level of detection," Tashbaev explained. "This means that the original report reads that neither melamine, nor cyanuric acid were found in flour. The information in media was based on absolutely inaccurate information," he concluded.Jolon Omkeev added that when they obtained a translation of the report from the German laboratory, the decision was made to keep this information secret until the findings of lab tests from Moscow would come. "Several independent laboratories give reports that no melamine was found in flour and we can not but trust them," First Vice Prime Minister Aidaraliev underlined. "We agreed to wait for the findings of lab tests from Moscow too so that there would not be any doubts and everything would be transparent," he said.The First Vice Prime Minister said if one more laboratory in Moscow says there is no melamine in flour, 1,034 tons of Chinese flour would be sold, otherwise its storage term would expire.

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Publication:AKIpress News Agency
Date:Nov 28, 2008
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