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First Online Students Graduate From UT Austin's Masters Program; IC2 Institute Graduates 2001 Masters of Science and Technology Commercialization for Working Professionals.

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AUSTIN, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 21, 2001

Enrollment Begins Now for May 2002-2003 Classes

The IC2 Institute, the University of Texas at Austin's center for technology commercialization, and Cenquest, developers of eLearning courses for working professionals, announced today that students enrolled in the University of Texas's first accredited online degree program have successfully completed their coursework and have earned a Masters Degree in Science and Technology Commercialization.

As a University of Texas partner, Cenquest was responsible for converting the IC2's highly acclaimed curriculum content into an effective e-learning model.

Students receiving Master of Science degrees in Science and Technology Commercialization (MSSTC) from the University's IC2 Institute comprise only the fifth class to graduate from this innovate degree program. The MSSTC degree teaches critical business practices for launching and sustaining successful new technology enterprises. It is designed to prepare managers for the rapid transfer of research, knowledge and technology -- from the laboratory to the marketplace. A progressive alternative to an MBA, the MSSTC curriculum combines business, technology, marketing, finance and risk management into one degree.

"We are pleased to announce our most recent class of talented working professionals who are graduating from the only technology commercialization degree program in the country," said Dr. Barbara Fossum, director of the MSSTC program who launched the online program. "We are especially excited this year because we are also graduating the first group of students who have achieved their degrees online, a milestone for the University of Texas at Austin."

MSSTC Graduate and President of RB3 Technologies Inc., Perry S. Rindfleisch, spoke of the practical application of this program. "The MSSTC program has helped me assess and commercialize a venture idea I had prior to starting the program. We have started our company, produced our first product, and secured our first significant order from a golf industry icon who has also endorsed our product. We expect to exceed $1,000,000 our first year and grow rapidly thereafter."

Graduates of Online Program

Students enrolling in IC2's MSSTC program were given the option of attending classes on campus or taking the entire program via the Internet. Forty participants enrolled in the traditional classes while seven completed the program via the Internet. The online students worked together with their campus counterparts using special Web sites and other interactive technology to participate in class discussions and group projects.

"Being a 100 percent online student in the MSSTC program has been both challenging and rewarding," said IBM employee and graduate Kevin Yaremchuk. "The challenge stems from managing workload, which is always the case with good graduate programs. The rewards included the opportunity to team remotely with a diverse group of professionals who bring a mix of experiences and perspectives to the program."

Cenquest worked with the University of Texas to develop the online portions of the degree program. As a company focused on developing and providing online courses for working professionals, Cenquest had the knowledge and expertise needed to ensure that the online components to the program provided the best learning environment possible.

"Today, the e-learning experience can range from simple transcribed lectures posted on a Web site to media-rich presentations with all the latest technology bells and whistles. The trick is to incorporate just the right technologies needed to facilitate the education process while providing maximum flexibility," said LaVonne Reimer Young, CEO of Cenquest. "Our education and technology experts work closely with university professors to ensure the highest quality online education possible."

IC2 has identified a growing role for online programs. "While still in its relative infancy, the Internet promises to transform education by lifting many of the physical constraints associated with traditional classroom learning," continues Dr. Ronstadt.

About the IC2 Institute

The IC2 Institute is an international, multi-disciplinary research and education institute at The University of Texas at Austin that links technology, entrepreneurship and education to foster sustainable social and economic development around the world.

Enrollment is now open for May 2002-2003 MSSTC classes. Complete class listings and details about each offering can be found on IC2's Web site or call 800/687-8532.

About Cenquest

Cenquest is a leader in creating and delivering high-quality university-branded programs over the Internet. With unique instructional design expertise, Cenquest transforms traditional classroom-based content to its proven Internet-based learning model. Cenquest specializes in adapting accredited education and professional development content into an e-learning format that is highly interactive, instructor-mediated, event-driven. Cenquest also offers the full range of necessary support and delivery services required to enable e-learning events, including faculty support and training, student registration and tracking, event management and hosting as well as online collaboration among students and faculty. Cenquest's academic partners include: Babson College, The University of Texas at Austin's IC2 Institute, Oregon Graduate Institute of Science and Technology, Adelaide University (Australia) and Monterrey Institute of Technology (Mexico). For more information on Cenquest visit or call 503/276-7900.

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Date:May 21, 2001
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