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First Mondini high speed ambient meal line in UK.

Peter Holland Ltd, the UK distributors for Mondini of Brescia, Italy, have installed their first high speed ambient meal line in the UK.

According to John Rushen, technical director of Peter Holland Ltd, "a major factor in securing the contract rested on our ability to record and monitor sealing pressures and temperatures applied to each closing operation, a procedure that was not matched by any other competitor at these speeds. This was particularly important to the client, due to concerns over the reliability of seals in long shelf-life sterilisable trays during and after processing. However, we knew that if the sealing pressures and temperatures were properly recorded and monitored, the possibility of contamination during processing could almost be eliminated".

This Mondini line is capable of running at speeds up to 75 trays a minute on a single lane. The sealing system used is Mondini's patented Compact, with four trays sealed by a single in-line head, which provides a quick changeover facility from one size to another.

Their customer has nine sets of change-parts for different containers, covering a wide variety of brand-leading ambient foods. The trays can be supplied by any producer of barrier trays, allowing great cost-savings when compared with a tied sealing machine/tray supplier situation.

Other ambient systems have been installed recently on the Continent and in the USA for speeds in excess of 150 trays a minute with soup products. Capable of achieving speeds of over 300 trays a minute on a single line, Mondini is now one of the leaders in the field in the advancement of sealing technology at high speeds. Special profile tools ensure that seals are reliable on all types of plastics tray, while high speed lidders are available for pots and trays.

Mondini also manufacture range of fillers, some of which are equipped with weight-scales to handle the wide range of products that are now loaded into trays. The various units will handle sauces, meat slurries, cooked rice, mashed potato and other delicate products, such as cooked mushrooms, courgettes and seafoods, all without damage. These machines can also cope with sides of fish, roast potatoes and pieces of meat, all of which have been traditionally difficult to handle.

Mondini machines can be specified, as standard, to handle all types of tray on the same machine. This means that customers who wish to run trays with foil or board lids or PET/PVC/board trays with a thermo-sealable closing material, only need a single sealing machine to run these as well as barrier trays for ambient meals. These sealing machines can be supplied either with Mondini's no-changepart conveyor system or it can be added to an existing line conveyor.

Cheese dosers and special presentation sauce applicators can add finishing touches whatever the product being packed, even pizzas, thanks to a special head design that delivers an even spread of cheese without waste or having to recirculate the product.

The first h igh speed ambient line has proved so successful that the customer has already placed an order for a second high speed line - this time to handle micro-pot products. They have also taken a semi automatic Mondini sealer to carry out market trials for customers.

A total of eleven Mondini lines have been installed over the last half year, with over 60 such lines being installed in the UK during the last four years.

Other Mondini orders taken by Peter Holland from UK customers in March this year included one from a major frozen food producer, for a Twin Compact able to handle 80 foil and PET trays per minute, and another for a high speed Compact machine handling long shelf-life trays at speeds of 70 trays a minute.
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Publication:Food Trade Review
Date:Jun 1, 1991
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