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First Internal Cleansing Center Launched in Austin.

Women Seeking Alternative Treatment Are Center's Main Target Group

AUSTIN, Texas, April 7 /PRNewswire/ -- The Austin Internal Health Center (AIHC) celebrates its Grand Opening Friday, April 7th in Texas' capital city, marking the beginning of a new enterprise by businessman Stephen Mertz and holistic therapist Anthony Passeur, while reflecting the country's fast growing interest in alternative health treatments. The Center is our region's first medically supervised colon hydrotherapy clinic. Patients benefit from comprehensive cleansing programs, supporting spa services, nutritional products and protocols in one state-of-the art facility.

Located at 3001 Bee Cave Road in central Austin, this world-class wellness center, which relies on highly professional and preventative care methods, was established, according to its founders, to help everyone achieve optimal health. Colonics are performed at the Center by certified and caring colon hydrotherapists, using safe FDA-approved equipment.

"The Center's treatments are the best alternative, or complement, to traditional medical practices that rely on repeat medication and drugs to alleviate, but not solve, chronic health conditions", said Steve Mertz, DC, CEO, President and co-Founder of AIHC. Anthony Passeur, the Center's Clinical Director, says that the treatment programs offered combine the benefits of traditional Eastern and Western medical practices. "We ensure safety by beginning a patient's program with a wellness consultation, followed by effective and gentle detoxification and cleansing programs -- which include colonics -- after the patient has been cleared by our in-house physician", explained Passeur.

Patients are required to inform the staff, which includes medical doctors and registered nurses, of known injuries, or recent surgeries, during consultation to ensure safety. "We go the extra mile, unlike some independent colon hydrotherapy facilities, and we provide education through our bi-weekly seminars" said Passeur. The Founders plan on franchising the Center throughout the country.

Despite growing demand, there are fewer than 2500 colon hydrotherapists in the USA and, until recently, only the wealthy have been able to afford high quality colon hydrotherapy in spa-like settings.

The following are some of the health problems a cleansing program may solve:
 -- Exhaustion, fatigue, low energy, or constipation
 -- Headaches, low back pain and painful joints
 -- Premature aging of the skin, bad breath, yeast
 -- Acid reflux, bloated and painful digestive organs

AIHC's co-Founders are a strong team, inspired by the great results seen on dozens of patients. Bill Swail is the Founder and CEO of People's Pharmacy in Austin. He says he highly recommends the Center's internal cleansing programs. "I have recently started treatment there and I am already benefiting tremendously from it. I no longer crave foods high in carbohydrates, such as muffins, and I am looking forward to continuing my treatment. One thing that was particularly reassuring, is the highly professional and caring staff at the Center"

Prior to opening AIHC, Mertz was a successful Californian Chiropractic Doctor and entrepreneur. As a Certified Chiropractic in Biophysics Technique, his clinic was chosen by the Biophysics Network to treat the Korean athletes in the 1988 summer Olympics. He moved to Austin in 1998 to assume the position of Chief Operating Officer of The Waiting List Practice, a chiropractic consulting and management firm. In 1999, Mertz was honored as top Chiropractic Consultant of the year by WLP.

The Center's co-Founder, Passeur, is a certified colon hydro-therapist with nearly two decades of experience and expertise in: detoxification and cleansing programs; colon hydrotherapy; nutrition; electrotherapeutics; homeopathy and Chinese traditional medical practices.

The Grand Opening is today, Friday, April 7, at 3001 Bee Cave Road, Suite 210, from 4:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. The event is open to the public at no charge.

The Austin Internal Health Center ( is a new Austin, Texas-based, wellness center open to the public six days a week. AIHC's approach to health relies on natural and holistic internal cleansing treatments, supported by quality spa services and after-treatment counseling and nutritional products. Our therapists are certified, and our Director has worked in the field of internal health for nearly two decades.

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Date:Apr 7, 2006
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