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First Impressions.

First Impressions

Elizabeth Armstrong and Sheila McGuire. New York, NY: Hudson Hills Press, in association with Walker Art Center Minneapolis, Minnesota, 1989. Subtitled Early Prints by Forty-Six Contemporary Artists, this carefully researched volume provides a fascinating look at contemporary American printmaking. While First Impressions serves as a catalogue for a major travelling exhibition of prints, it also stands as a valuable document of the impact on the graphic arts that occurred when America's leading edge painters and sculptors were encouraged to explore printmaking processes as an alternative means of formulating their imagery.

These artists made prints not as "reproductions" of their work in other media, but as independent new works with their own aesthetic. The 106 prints selected for this survey of printmaking since the 1950s provide a remarkable overview of stylistic and technical approaches. The work of each of the 46 artists is represented by a full-page, color or duotone reproduction. The images are accompanied by well-written essays that discuss the artist and his or her contribution to contemporary art and the printmaking process.

The book also includes an introductory essay that focuses on why artists choose to make prints, and the significance of their imagery and techniques. The opportunity to add the images and ideas of a group of artists that includes Jasper Johns, Jim Dine, Nancy Graves, Jennifer Bartlett, Andy Warhol and 41 other artists of comparable reputation makes this a valuable addition to your bookshelf.
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