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First Aid Training in Manchester & Birmingham.

MANCHESTER, England, August 8, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

Businesses from many cities across the north of England, including Manchester and Birmingham, are now able to receive the best quality Emergency First Aid Training for the lowest prices, provided by First Aid Training & Event Cover Ltd.

First Aid Training & Event Cover Ltd. not only provides the best First Aid Training Courses to the Manchester and Birmingham areas, but also offers cover for events with large gatherings of people, including sports events, school events, carnivals and more. Our staff maintain a high professional standard at these events and, in the event of accidents or injuries, their First Aid skills are vital in preventing further harm from taking place.

We are able to offer a wide variety of high quality and potentially lifesaving courses to businesses in the Manchester and Birmingham areas. The First Aid Training Courses we run are approved by several bodies, including the government's Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and Ofsted, which evaluates the quality of education providers.

At First Aid Training & Event Cover Ltd., we run two HSE-approved courses; our (HSE) First Aid at Work Courses (FAW), and our (HSE) Emergency First Aid at Work Courses (EFAW). The FAW course is a detailed course which takes place over three days to give your employees the best First Aid Training possible. The EFAW course is shorter, taking only one day, and is designed to get across the key points in an efficient way. This second course is more suitable to smaller, low risk workplaces where only an Appointed Person is required, while the FAW course should be taken by those in larger or more risky workplaces where a qualified First Aider is required and additional First Aid skills may be needed.

In addition to the (HSE) First Aid at Work and (HSE) Emergency First Aid at Work Courses, we provide several other more specific First Aid Training Courses, including Fire Safety Training, AED Training, Paediatric First Aid Training and more.

Our prices in the Manchester and Birmingham areas are unbeatable, though we are still able to maintain the high quality (HSE) First Aid Training Courses our customers expect. There are two main reasons we are able to offer you such reasonable prices:

* Our courses are never subcontracted out to any third party trainers. This not only reduces costs to us and by extension you, but also allows us to keep a close watch on our training to ensure we keep up with the quality expectations you will have. Subcontracted trainers can often have unpredictable quality, and we aim to avoid this.

* We have the option to take our training directly to you in your workplace. This lowers costs to you as we don't have to use costly training premises, saving a significant amount of overhead which we can then pass on to our customers.

Visit us on, or call us on 0845 434 9597 to find the most convenient way for you to make a booking or a free inquiry. If you are looking to attend one of our (HSE) Emergency First Aid at Work or (HSE) First Aid at Work Courses, please book as early as possible as these courses are very popular and always in demand.
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Date:Aug 8, 2013
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