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Firms can maintain quality despite fast growth.

Firms Can Maintain Quality Despite Fast Growth

Daniel Label Printing Inc. has experienced 20 to 25 percent growth in each of the past five years.

When asked to explain how we have dealt with this rapid growth, my first inclination is to say we haven't dealt with it very well.

On the other hand, we've made many changes that seem to be working.

In our business, constantly changing and improving technology is a challenge. We must stay abreast of innovations to be sure we're offering the highest quality print job available.

We revolutionized our art department and added equipment.

It may have been costly, but it was necessary.

A second plant is nearing completion within three blocks of the current facility. The expenditure is a bit overwhelming, but we made a conscious decision that it was necessary if we wanted the business to continue to grow.

A business owner must always analyze the numbers to determine the pay back on investments.

The pressure to deliver quickly has increased. If a business is to grow, it must meet new industry standards.

We used to have two weeks to complete an order. It now seems as it two days is the norm.

Growth can be distracting for management. But a commitment to quality, speed and customer satisfaction must remain a business' focus.

PHOTO : Irv Daniel President Daniel Label Printing Inc. North Little Rock
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Title Annotation:Arkansas Entrepreneur; Daniel Label Printing Inc.
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Date:Aug 26, 1991
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