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Firm take on stage presence.


A DRAMA school is proving there's no business like showbusiness - by charging company executives pounds 8000-a-day for showmanship lessons.

The Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama is teaching captains of industry stage skills at special workshops in Glasgow to boost their business performance.

As well as tips on voice projection, the courses also teach the importance of positive body language and stage presence.

John Wallace, the academy's principal, said: "Musicians and actors have to engage with their audiences and these skills are of great value to the business community.

"The practices and principles the performing arts take for granted can have a huge impact when applied to business."

Third year acting student Chris Stevenson, 29, who is teaching at the seminars, added: "We can use the principles of drama to help equip executives with tangible skills that improve their performance."


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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jun 3, 2002
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