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Firm networks voice, video, data on T1.

Hambrecht & Quist, a San Francisco-based investment banking and venture capital firm, wanted to bring their telecommunications system in-house and looked at the options before them.

"I felt confident we could meet our needs and get a better system by bringing everything in-house," says Steve Wood, Hambrecht & Quist's telecomm manager.

Hambrecht & Quist works with over 200 client companies from their San Francisco, Boston and New York offices.

Many companies nationwide are eliminating third party suppliers and bringing their telecomm systems in-house. Hambrecht & Quist made this move. They knew that by eliminating an outside supplier, they could enhance and expand their communication capabilities, save money and improve their service.

"Since we've set up our new in-house telecommunications system, we've realized 29% savings over buying these capabilities outside. Of course, we also have greater control and better servicing so it's definitely a win-win situation," relates Wood.

Hambrecht & Quist wanted to network their San Francisco, Boston and New York offices and link up with clients across the country. Voice and data support was a requirement and they also needed to support a video conferencing system.

"We needed a system that would handle everything and do it painlessly," according to Wood.

The firm installed the same site configuration at each of their three offices--a Coastcom Intelligent Multiplexer and Digital Access Cross Connect (DACs) system. Each system was networked for full capability including voice, video teleconferencing and computer transmission. The new system handles video conferencing via multiplexing video circuits by handling DSOs which are cross-connected between Tls.

Their Cisco router connects through the intelligent mux and the DACs then onto the transcoder and to the Tls.

Hambrecht & Quist's new system supports up to two Tl lines and up to 48 channels, providing double the capacity without requiring a second multiplexer. This clearly translates into a 30% savings for Hambrecht & Quist over single Tl multiplexers.

Coastcom's programmable configuration control provides easy access to this new Tl network for lower maintenance and operation costs. Hambrecht & Quist can quickly set up channels for services such as video teleconferencing and, just as quickly, return the channel to voice or computer traffic.

Since programming and diagnostics can be software-controlled remotely, only one person is needed at each location. Also, that person need not be physically with the equipment at all times. This, again, translates directly into operational dollar savings. Besides cost savings, improved system reliability and greater flexibility, Hambrecht & Quist has transformed their telecomm department from an expense line item into a profit center.

"We've set up a separate company which leases telecommunications equipment and time to 60 companies in the San Francisco Bay Area," Wood says.

The firm not only supports its own needs but has also maximized the expanded capabilities of their new system.

"It's been a terrific dual benefit, and an unexpected one, to have a system that meets all our needs and makes money for us."

The flexibility of the new system was a primary determining factor in the equipment chosen. They interface with different telephone companies' services to get the least expensive long-distance rates available.

"We currently use AT&T's Megacom, MCI's Prism and Sprint's Ultrawatts. This is definitely the best way to use our channels," relates Wood.

Wood was also looking for a system that would be easy to use and easy to maintain. "We didn't even have to take the user manual out of the box. We just uncrated the equipment, set it up and within a short time we were fully operational."

The Coastcom system can easily be expanded to meet future needs. Hambrecht & Quist is planning for that growth not only for internal support and expansion, but especially within their new-found "profit center".
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Title Annotation:T1/T3 Networks; Hambrecht & Quist Inc.
Publication:Communications News
Date:Oct 1, 1992
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