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Firm audits houses for energy efficiency.

Everyone is talking about energy efficiency and a new company is making upgrading their houses even easier for homeowners.

Scott Brownmiller is the owner of the recently opened Little Rock franchise of Pro Energy Consultants, a national energy audit company. He said it was important for people to know what was going on in their homes.

"The cost of energy is not getting cheaper," he said, "We educate the homeowner on all aspects of their home and what effect it has on energy use."

Brownmiller uses specialized equipment, including an electronic blower door that pulls the air out of the house and an infrared camera that detects where air is coming into the house, to determine what energy issues a homeowner may be having. He'll walk through houses with their residents, showing them energy-inefficient areas and how to correct them.

After the audit, Brownmiller provides homeowners with a detailed report, including what issues were found and recommendations on resolving them.

The cost of an audit runs between $300 and $500, depending on square footage, but Brownmiller said it could sometimes pay for itself.

"Pro Energy can drastically improve the energy efficiency of a home, oftentimes with simple, inexpensive remedies," he said. "The whole experience is very educational, and customers are typically surprised to see that some improvements are relatively cheap or DIY."

Brownmiller said the difference between Pro Energy and other audit companies was that Pro Energy consultants were objective. "We're not... trying to sell you something else on top of [the audit]," he said. "We're objective and will come and put a solution in your hand and then let you decide."

Pro Energy Consultants serves customers in Little Rock, North Little Rock, Maumelle, Conway, Benton and Bryant. For more information, visit CentralAR. ProEnergyConsultantsxom or call (501) 454-0720.
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Author:Ibbotson, Melissa
Publication:Arkansas Business
Date:May 14, 2012
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