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On the night of June 30 in Alamo, Texas, one fireworks stand worker did his own reenactment of the famous Texas battle against superior numbers.

At 10:22 p.m., three miscreants--two strong-arm men and a getaway driver-tried to rob A's Fireworks stand, according to an article in The Monitor. One of the two strong-arm men confronted the clerk with a screwdriver held menacingly while the other grabbed a TV from a counter. When the robber with the screwdriver demanded money, the clerk drew a gun and shot him.

The robber with the TV then scampered quickly into the getaway vehicle, and he and the driver fled. The wounded robber was taken into police custody and brought to a hospital. A short while later, police responded to a call and found the second strong-arm man, also wounded. Police are not sure if the man was hit by the shot from the stand worker or if someone else had shot him. Charges against both men are pending their hospital release.

In a sort of criminal trifecta, the police also apprehended the man believed to be the getaway driver when he visited his accomplices in the hospital.
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Title Annotation:EXERCISING THE RIGHT; robbery
Author:Williamsen, Kurt
Publication:The New American
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Date:Aug 22, 2005
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