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These excellent outdoor exploration guides offer beginners outstanding opportunities to understand basic elements of the outdoors. Sky-viewers have to fine titles to choose from: Robin Scagell's revised STARGAZING WITH A TELESCOPE (1554070279, $14.95), which covers all the basics from choosing a telescope and setting it up to becoming an amateur observer and taking astro-images. Supplement this with Scagell's larger NIGHT SKY ATLAS: THE MOON, PLANETS, STARS AND DEEP SKY OBJECTS (1554070260, $29.95): maps by Wil Tirion compliment a book packed with color night sky photos and tips on observing the sky in both northern and southern hemispheres, complete with seasonal charts and detailed constellation maps. If you wish to get closer to the ground, choose A.C. Bishop, A.R. Woolley and W.R. Hamilton's GUIDE TO MINERALS ROCKS AND FOSSILS (1554070546, $19.95): among this new edition's distinguishing features are a completely redesigned, revised text, new introduction sections, and new reference appendices. Amateur collectors as well as specialists will find plenty of information plus a field guide packed with color photo examples. Perhaps it's wildlife which is of interest: if so, make sure Chris G. Earley's WATERFOWL OF EASTERN NORTH AMERICA (1554070570, $19.95) is on your reference shelf, if you live in or plan on visiting the East Coast waterways. Ducks, swans, loons, pelicans--all are displayed in their natural environment, with over 200 color photo displays including handy comparison pages by waterfowl group for quick reference. All are solid picks.
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Title Annotation:Guide To Minerals, Rocks & Fossils; Night Sky Atlas: The Moon, Planets, Stars And Deep Sky Objects; Stargazing With A Telescope; Waterfowl Of Eastern North America
Author:Donovan, Diane C.
Publication:MBR Bookwatch
Article Type:Brief Article
Date:Sep 1, 2005
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