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Firebird PMag Coupler.


Remember the 1967 Firebird? The popular muscle car was one of Detroit's finest, until neutering to save the planet began in the mid-1970s. That car was the stuff Smokey and the Bandit was made of. A better Firebird exists today--one I am very sure about. It is the new Springer Precision made Firebird PMag Coupler. Made for and based around the high quality, and now widely accepted, MagPul Pmag magazine. Scott Springer has made another winner. Scott is a young man and takes great pride in his work--his products prove it.

He has done great work for me on my Springfield XD pistols and this new coupler piece of gear reflects the same commitment to quality. Made from aluminum, the coupler is precisely made so the MagPul base is removed and then slipped into the base of the coupler. The bottom magazine detent then locks into the milled opening of the Firebird coupler, also a precise fit. Simply repeat twice and you have two magazines side-by-side. No cheesy straps, nuts bolts, tape and bent up cheap metal crap pieces, this thing is made rock solid to hold the magazines in place.

Nice details include the coupler, which can be personalized and serialized for private individuals or even agencies. If you want a good tool to hold two magazines in place for use with a home or defense rifle this is an excellent piece of equipment. Springer's Firebird is good, solid gear built right.


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Title Annotation:QUARTER MASTER
Author:Smith, Clint
Publication:Guns Magazine
Date:Aug 1, 2010
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