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Fireball lights up evening sky.

Byline: Jake Griffin

A fireball was visible at dusk Sunday throughout much of the Midwest, including suburban Chicago.

The American Meteor Society reported on its website it had received more than 270 sightings of the meteor that streaked across the sky from the northwest to the southeast around 8:40 p.m. Sunday, leaving a white contrail in its wake. Many described the fireball as having a bluish or greenish tint, while about half the reports indicated seeing the meteor break up in the sky as it disappeared from sight.

The American Meteor Society also reported the fireball entered Earth's atmosphere over central Iowa. Video cameras at a residence in Albany, Missouri, recorded the meteor as it zipped by.

Andrew Danan reported he saw the meteor in Schaumburg while driving. It was visible for about seven seconds, he wrote on the American Meteor Society site.

"It was pretty awesome as this was my first eye witness meteor," he wrote.

He and others also described the meteor on Facebook on the Everything Schaumburg community page.

Dan Bush, an amateur astronomer who runs the website, said he was in his observatory at his home in Albany, Missouri, when the fireball raced by, but he missed it.

"A parent of a student of mine from way back sent me a message on Facebook saying they had just seen something crazy, but since I hadn't seen it, I didn't know what it could be," he said. "I went

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Publication:Daily Herald (Arlington Heights, IL)
Date:Jul 10, 2018
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