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Firearms: an Illustrated History. Hardbound, 320 p. DK Publishing, 345 Hudson St., 4th Floor, Dept. SGN, New York, NY 10014. $40.

Coffee table books are by definition intended to be leafed through a bit at a time rather than pored over from cover to cover. A good coffee table book has not too much text and lots of great pictures. By that definition, this history of firearms succeeds in taking the reader from the earliest bombards right up through today's military arms. The view is broad, ranging from curiosa like cigarette lighter pistols up to the largest field artillery. Such a wide field of view necessarily means the information can't be too deep, but if you're looking for a little information about a whole lot of guns. this book will provide it, along with some excellent period photos of the guns in use. All the gun photos are in color, which gives a fresh look for a lot of the machine guns and cannons, which until now have mainly been seen in black and white.

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Publication:Shotgun News
Date:Jun 20, 2014
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