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Fire terror tot saved after 30ft plunge; Flats hero catches baby but mum breaks back.

Byline: By Thomas Smith

AN ASYLUM seeker was forced to throw her baby from a top-floor window after thugs set fire to the front door of her flat.

Somalian refugee Faduma Mohammed tossed her daughter Amina 30ft into the arms of a hero neighbour who had heard her screams for help.

The 46-year-old passerby, who has not been named, then also saved Faduma's life by breaking her fall.

Faduma, 37, still broke both her ankles and her back after she lost her grip on a drainpipe.

Last night, her shattered husband Mohamud, 48, spoke of his gratitude at his neighbour's heroic bravery.

He said: 'If it wasn't for this man, my family wouldn't be here today.

Fleeing 'I don't even know his name,buthe saved my wife and daughter's lives.'

The drama started at a flat in Springburn, Glasgow, on Monday.

Faduma was preparing lunch for her daughter Amina when she smelled smoke.

Fire-raisers had started a blaze directly outside the family's door by torching a pile of rubbish.

As soon as Faduma opened the door of her top-floor flat, she was engulfed in thick, black smoke.

She shut the door, grabbed her baby and started screaming for help from her living room window.

A passing neighbour heard her desperate cries and beckoned her to drop the tot into his arms. Faduma did as she was told and dropped Amina more than 30 feet from the top-floor tenement window into the arms of the stranger below.

Seeing that her baby was safe, Faduma attempted to climb down to safety as the flat started to fill with smoke.

She made her way on to a window ledge and started to climb down a drain pipe.

But, almost immediately, she lost her grip and fell to the ground below.

Luckily, her hero neighbour was able to break her fall.

She was taken to Glasgow Royal Infirmary, where last night her condition was described as stable.

Mohamud and Faduma have only been in Scotland for a year, after fleeing the civil war in Somalia that has raged for 14 years. Amina was born in October. According to Mohamud, the family have been denied asylum and are awaiting news from the authorities of where they will be sent next.

Mohamud was at the immigration office in Glasgow when the fire broke out, He said: 'We have lived in this flat for nearly a year and never had any problems with anyone.

'I don't have enemies here and don't know why someone would do this.

Fleeing 'I can't believe that anyone who lives locally would have started the fire, especially as it was one of my Scottish neighbours who saved the lives of my family.'

Mohamud spent Monday night at his wife's hospital bedside as she made her recovery.

Amina was in good health after her lucky escape.

Last night, detectives were probing the cause of the fire.

A police spokesman said: 'Rubbish within the close had been deliberately set alight.'


IN SAFE HANDS:; Mohamud and Amina. Left, Faduma broke her back
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Feb 18, 2004
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