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Fire sale.

The Phillies started a fire sale July 28 when they traded David Bell to
Milwaukee. The sale ultimately included Bobby Abreu, Cory Lidle, Rheal
Cormier, Ryan Franklin and Sal Fasano.
(Philadelphia Inquirer)

Phils' fire sale begins with Bell: 3B dealt to Brewers; other trades
(Philadelphia Daily News)

The Phillies' fire sale of veteran players the first week of this month
seems to have lit a fire under them, and they've blazed their way back
into the National League wild-card race.
(Pennsylvania's Lancaster New Era)

Fire-sale Phillies find winning easy
(St. Petersburg Times)

A Phillies fire sale was anticipated. What actually materialized ...,
however, can more aptly be described as a midsummer markdown sale on
limited inventory.
(Pennsylvania's Reading Eagle)

The fact is any time the phrase "salary dump" or "fire sale" gets
floated in the media, the team doing the dumping loses just about any
leverage it had.
(Washington Times)

Of course, only 20,956 people were in the park. It was the last day of
the Phillies' fire sale and the first day of the rest of their lives.
(Philadelphia Daily News)

From 24 articles that used "fire sale" in reference to the seven players traded or sold by the Phillies in late July and early August
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