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Fire retardant rubber. (Materials).

Actifoam is a fire retardant and thermally insulating foam rubber. Based on Actifire technology, in the event of fire the foam rubber is activated and expands in such a way that in a short time any openings are completely filled and remain fire tight for an extended period. The flame suppressant foam rubber has a specific mass of only 250 kg/[m.sup.3], according to the company. A characteristic feature of the Actifoam foam rubber is its closed cell structure, so that it does not absorb any moisture. In normal use, this means that Actifoam foam rubber is not only fire resistant, but also has excellent thermal insulation properties, according to the company. The materials can therefore make a valuable contribution towards passive fire prevention in sectors where thermal insulation is a prerequisite, according to the company. Actifoam foam rubbers are said to have a high dimensional stability or memory. In profile form, this fire resistant foam rubber is said to be extremely effective for use as compressible water-tight seals for doors and hatches and for sealing openings between partition walls and ceilings. (Beele Engineering B. V.)

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Date:Jul 1, 2002
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