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Fire extinguishers ... mission capable or not?

Dear Half-Mast,

I have an M923 5-ton truck that's missing a fire extinguisher. This is an Authorized Additional Item, not a BII item. PS 584, Page 60, tells me it's not essential and therefore the truck is FULLY MISSION CAPABLE, unless it's hauling passengers or flammables.

However, the TM 9-2320-272-10 PMCS, item 14, shows it NMC if the fire extinguisher is missing. I maintain that entry is there for the wrecker, but my quality assurance folks disagree.

What is PS Magazine's opinion? FMC or NMC?


Dear Mr. M.R.,

You've asked a good question, and the answer is your vehicle is fully mission capable without the fire extinguisher. TACOM provided this response:

"The 5-ton truck team agrees with PS 584 and TM 9-2320-272-10, PMCS Table 2-3, Item 10, as currently written. The NOTE preceding Item 10 refers to the M934 expansible van and the M936 wrecker. The NMC criteria in the right hand column of Table 2-3 pertain only to the M934 and M936 described above."



Need info on maintenance, parts support, available TMs, maintenance expenditure limits, excess reporting, PM news or points of contact on the Army's commercial construction equipment? Then take a look at the following CCE website:


Get a bench-type safety can that's used for cleaning small parts with NSN 4940-00-684-0580. The can stands 6 3/4 inches high and 113/4 inches across and holds up to two gallons of cleaning solvent. It comes with side handles and a hinged lid. Appendix A of CTA 50-970 is your ordering authority.

UHF Radio Checks in Tailcone

In PS 622, Page 35, we gave you the incorrect radio for the Black Hawk. It should be the AN/ARC-164 VHF FM radio. It's also incorrect to state that if the UHF radio does not work, the bird is NMC. The final answer is: all aircraft must have an operational UHF or VHF radio to operate. But, one inoperable radio does not make the bird NMC.

Coming Soon to an ALSE Shop Near You

ALSE techs, if you've been wishing for a sewing machine to make repairs to your equipment, your wish is coming true. PM Air Warrior is fielding a sewing machine. The NSN is 3530-00-892-4629. It'll be added in the next change to TM 10-8400-201-23, General Repair Procedures For Clothing. For survival kits check out TM 55-1680-317-23&P.

Paladin NATO Slave Receptacle

Need a new cap for one of the NATO slave receptacles on your M109A6 Paladin? Item 14 in Fig 113 of TM 9- 2350-314-24P-1 indicates you need to order a new receptacle to get the cap. You don't. A new cap, including the cord and hardware, comes with NSN 5340-01-059-0114.
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Publication:PS, the Preventive Maintenance Monthly
Date:Jan 1, 2005
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