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Fios(R) Introduces New Collection Planning Assessment Service; New Service Includes ESI Risk Assessment Matrix(TM) to Help Corporations Identify Areas of Greatest Risk When Collecting Evidence for Discovery.

PORTLAND, Ore. -- Fios(R) Inc., a leading provider of electronic discovery services, has introduced a new Collection Planning Assessment(SM) (CPA) service to help corporations understand their greatest areas of risk and cost when collecting electronically stored information (ESI) in response to discovery requests. The new service is an extension of the comprehensive evidence collection services provided by Fios. The CPA provides an in-depth view into the people, processes and technologies required for identifying, preserving and collecting ESI subject to litigation and governmental investigations.

"Poor evidence collection practices are the bane of 21st century litigation and will continue to result in sanctions, adverse inference instructions, preclusion orders and sometimes $1.6 billion in damages," said Prashant Dubey, vice president and general manager of Fios' Discovery Management Services. "Fios' Collection Planning Assessment focuses on helping corporations fix a business process that is entirely within their management control."

In a 2005 survey of 269 corporate counsel published by EDDix, only 44 percent believed they had appropriate processes in place for collecting potential evidence in a legally defensible manner. With the new amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure scheduled to go into effect on December 1, 2006, Fios' CPA is one of the key services offered to General Counsel so they can be better prepared to:

--Respond to preservation and electronic discovery obligations within a required 120-day timeframe

--Ensure litigation hold and evidence collection processes are enforceable, documented and defensible

--Prepare for initial "Meet and Confer" conferences by being able to argue and define accessibility/inaccessibility of data, data quantities, data locations, data types, burden and cost.

"The constantly increasing challenge in responding to discovery requests results from the sheer volume of ESI, the ever-expanding complexity of data formats and storage types, and the need to be prepared for meet and confer sessions," said Brad Harris, director of product management at Fios Inc. "The CPA helps clients become litigation ready by identifying data repositories that are most vulnerable and identifying gaps in processes used to identify, preserve and collect evidence from those repositories."

Proactively Planning for e-Discovery Collections

Fios' CPA begins with an assessment of the organization's existing processes for identifying, preserving and collecting ESI. The assessment utilizes a series of on-site, guided interviews, which yield information on data repositories and current preservation and collection methodologies. Clients receive a report containing quantitative scores on their existing business practices in four key areas: litigation response planning, data identification, preservation methodologies and collection practices. The assessment concludes with an in-person executive briefing of the findings and includes recommendations for improvements. The report includes a risk rating of the organization's collection processes based on Fios' ESI Risk Assessment Matrix(TM). This proprietary analysis identifies which data stores are most at risk in relation to the organization's ability to legally preserve and harvest ESI from those repositories.

Meeting Market Demands for Litigation Readiness

Fios' CPA is delivered by Fios' Discovery Management Services (DMS) consultants, who are focused on helping clients become "litigation ready" by understanding the gaps in their discovery processes and implementing strategies for improvements. With Fios' DMS services, clients can achieve legally defensible electronic discovery practices that reduce risk, cost and time throughout every phase of the process.

"In the litigation readiness assessments we have delivered to Fortune 500 clients in the last six months, the two major areas of concern that have surfaced are preservation and collection," said Adam Rubinger, engagement manager with Fios' Discovery Management Services. "Our new Collection Planning Assessment service directly addresses this need, helps fix a process fraught with risk and contains huge opportunity for driving cost savings through the entire discovery response process."

More information on Fios' Collection Process Assessment and DMS services is available on the company website at

About Fios Inc.

Serving the legal community since 1999, Fios Inc. is committed to helping corporations and supporting outside counsel reduce the costs, risks and time associated with electronic discovery. Fios' IT-enabled discovery management, evidence collection, data processing and document review services are based on an in-depth knowledge of litigation and information technology, enabling fast, efficient and legally defensible discovery response. Headquartered in Portland, Ore., Fios is backed by top investors, including 3i, Digital Partners, Banyan Capital Partners, FBR CoMotion and Fluke Ventures, and has offices throughout the continental United States. Fios is also the principal sponsor of the leading Internet portals: and For more information about the company and its services, visit

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Comment:Fios(R) Introduces New Collection Planning Assessment Service; New Service Includes ESI Risk Assessment Matrix(TM) to Help Corporations Identify Areas of Greatest Risk When Collecting Evidence for Discovery.
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