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Fiona's art of gold...

AS a seasoned BBC news anchor, Fiona Bruce is accustomed to staying composed while delivering heartrending stories.

But the 52-yearold admits she was moved to tears filming this Sunday's emotional episode of BBC1's Fake or Fortune? which she co-hosts with art expert Philip Mould.

Her feelings got the better of her over a painting bought by Neil Wilson for [euro]550, which he believed is a lost masterpiece by 19th century French artist Paul Delaroche.

Neil was diagnosed with a brain tumour soon after and died before finding out the truth about the painting.

Fiona says: "He died leaving a wife and two young boys. She approached us and said, 'Could you carry on this quest?' "It's embarrassing but I shed a few tears, I must admit. I always want it to come good for the owner but, in this case, I really, really like her and I desperately wanted it to be right for her."

Fiona's outburst shocked sidekick Philip who pointed out: "And you don't cry easy."

Delaroche's most famous work is The Execution of Lady Jane Grey, one of the National Gallery's most popular paintings.

If the work owned by Neil's widow Becky, left - who runs an Aberdeenshire B&B - turns out to be genuine, not a clever copy, it would be worth around [euro]55,000.

Fiona adds: "You have an artwork, an owner desperate to find out who did it and we try to establish, 'Is this by one of the world's great artists or a cheap fake?" Good luck, Becky...

It's a bit embarrassing, but I shed a few tears.

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Title Annotation:News; Opinion; Columns
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jul 20, 2016
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