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Finns angry over "Molotov cocktail" claims.

NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-18 June 2002-Finns angry over "Molotov cocktail" claims (C)1994-2002 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD

Finns are reportedly angry about a Russian attempt to take the credit for the creation of the "Molotov cocktail", a much-feared weapon used by the Finnish forces during the Winter War.

Hatsina, an alcohol manufacturer in St Petersburg, Russia has reportedly made a mixed alcohol drink called Molotov Cocktail and on the back of the bottle it is claimed that the weapon really was a fire bomb developed by the Red Army during the "great national war".

Molotov cocktails were developed by the Finnish army, which was poorly equipped, to hold back the Soviet tanks. The cocktails were fire bombs consisting of glass bottles filled with petrol, crude oil and a little tar and an attached rag that worked as a fuse.

The name was given to the bombs by the foreign press representatives in Helsinki that were reporting from the war and it was named after the Soviet foreign minister Vjatjeslav Molotov as it was seen as a suitable drink to offer him.

According to Dagens Industri, a Swedish business newspaper, the director of the Hatsina factory is surprised about the Finnish history of the Molotov cocktail and he has said that what is on the back of the bottles is what he was taught at school about 30 years ago.

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Date:Jun 18, 2002
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