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Finn, Mary: The Horse Girl.

FINN, Mary The Horse Girl Walker, 2011 390pp $16.95 pbk ISBN 9781406329100 SCIS 1516907

Thomas Rose tossed his schoolbooks in the river, faced the torrent of rage that followed from his father then wandered down the road with no knowledge of what the future might hold for a talentless, dyslexic young man. It was at this time that he noticed for the third day the young girl with the vibrant red headscarf hiding in the ditch. Ling, a lithe French girl who had worked as a circus performer, is about to turn Thomas' life upside down with her wild spirit and enchanting tales. She is searching for her horse, Belladonna, who was stolen from her. It is Ling's belief that George Stubbs has it. Uneducated Thomas gets a real life education and a lot more besides when he is enchanted into helping Ling.

Finn loves to write novels set in the 18h century. Horkstow is a real village in Lincolshire and Stubbs is a real character who lived in this village. The Horse Girl is an engaging tale that captures the imagination. The text is peppered with French and Romani language as a further dimension added to the character of Ling. Finn likes to bring to life the stories of the feisty characters who lived in these times and she does that successfully. Recommended for 15+.


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Author:Henderson, Heather
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Date:Nov 1, 2011
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