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Finishing solutions for wood products.

The right finishing equipment can make or break the quality, and value, of the product. Along with the systems below also check out WoodworkingNetwork. com/RedBook for additional information.


StartOne spray system, available from Stiles Machinery, features an oscillating arm with four guns which are electronically controlled for constant and precise movement. Along with a quick connection system for easy changeover of materials, a tank can be placed onto the arm for small batch painting.

(616) 698-7500,

Black Bros.

designs and builds roll coating equipment and spreaders. Because the machines directly transfer materials only to the places desired, they help prevent waste, the company says. (815) 539-7451,


says its Easy Reciprocating Spray System offers finish consistency with ease of operation. It features simple programmability, two-arm spray articulation, high-precision photo diodes to minimize overspray, and patented coatings recovery and Airsphere plenum systems. Available with wet or dry filtration, applications include wood, composites, plastics and glass.

(877) 233-5240,

Miltec UV

says its HPI Gloss Control UV Curing System eliminates the need for downtime by allowing the use of only one UV final topcoat for all gloss ranges from 30 to 80 units, depending on the UV coating formulation. Savings can result from reductions in energy consumption, coating costs and setup time, says Miltec.

(410) 604-2900,

Giardina USA

offers a variety of finishing equipment including UV 3D tunnel ovens, roll coating machines, automatic sprayers and coating systems for mouldings.

(877) 631-1003,


new gas catalytic oven provides a uniform, low-intensity heat for curing liquid and powder finishes. The system features a small footprint, is highly controllable and is up to 50% less expensive to run than convection ovens, BGK says.

(763) 784-0466,


offers the Flexispray linear sprayer for mouldings. The Flexispray comes standard with six spray guns, with the option to add two more, all on double feeding circuits, plus includes three overspray collection and recovery tanks that are easily removable for cleaning. DV (Delle Vedove) is part of the Cefla Finishing Group (877) 233-5240,


S Series Differential Roll Coater uses a rubber application roller to coat the part. Features include: air-loaded doctor ; roll, quick-change doctor blades and digital readout for precise control.

(812) 482-3644,

European Woodworking

Machinery distributes Tomanin finishing equipment. The Model TFT/3 roll coater can apply UV basecoats from 10-40 g/m2 and topcoats from 5-10 g/m2.

(919) 494-5197,


(Global Finishing Solutions) heavy-duty, three-wall spray booths are constructed with 18-ga., G-90 galvanized steel panels. They offer easy filter replacement, with filtration along the back wall.

(800) 848-8738,

Superfici, part of the Scm Group, offers the Valtorta Bravorobot with 3D scanning. The 5-axis spraying robot not only detects the shapes and sizes of the workpieces, but also reconstructs their thickness profiles, making it possible to selectively spray complex mouldings and grooves, the company says.

(770) 813-8818,


says its Curtain Walls help contain sawdust, overspray, temperature, fumes and noise while maximizing shop space and eliminating re-work. The walls are made with fire-resistant, waterproof, and mildew- and rot-resistant vinyl.

(800) 234-0337,


says it has engineered its customized Batch Cure Chambers to minimize the duration of the curing process and to maximize energy efficiency.

(888) 452-6684,


Rhodes Highline conveyor system features an enclosed track open only on the top, which prevents dirt and other items from dropping onto the workpiece. The system allows for stop stations, carrier accumulation, queuing and elevation changes.

(502) 213-3865,

Production Systems

offers Barberan finishing systems including a rotary sprayer which the company says offers improved visual checking capability and up to 16 spraying guns. It features Barberan's Push Pull System.

(866) 209-1241,


says the Minijet 1000 pressure fed spray gun is ideal for small- to mediumsized applications. It is offered in both HVLP and RP atomization technology.

(800) 533-8016,


offers the Venjakob Ven Dry Vario Time Oven, designed to reduce downtime and increase drying efficiency by bringing the workpieces to trays that are stationary in a single chamber. The curing process uses a forced air system which combines an air injection and an exhaust chamber integrated into the framework. The operator can program multiple cycle times for drying parts individually.

(616) 698-7500

EXEL North America

offers the Kremlin Rexson Cyclomix Micro mixing machine for two-component paints and adhesives. Benefits of the Cyclomix include fresh material on demand and elimination of manual mixing errors.

(800) 573-5554,


says its E-Flo DC (Dual Control) is suited for high-pressure applications and is designed to operate by maintaining either constant pressure or a constant flow rate.

(877) 844-7226,

Apollo Sprayers'

ASI/HVLP ECO-Series of 3,4, and 5 stage turbine systems now includes five choices of guns: the E6000, E5530, E7500GT-600CC, E5011 E7000.

(888) 900-4857,


Smart Series of pumps has equal thrust on both pistons to provide identical flow and pressure for both strokes. It permits a higher cycle rate than conventional vertical pumps, adds Binks.

(800) 992-4657,


says its LV technology nozzle offers a higher fluid delivery for faster, smoother application and a high transfer efficiency. Spray guns are available in various configurations.

(513) 755-3100,


Dura | Rack has 34 rows of adjustable support poles for holding large and small parts steadily, even when moving around the shop, Smartech says. It is capable of holding more than 100 lbs of parts.

(704) 362-1922,


says its AGMD Pro automatic spray gun uses its LVMP Compliant Atomization Technology and features a fast cylinder cycle at lower air pressures.

(800) 992-4657,


PosiTector 200 Ultrasonic Coating Thickness Gage is suitable for measuring coatings on wood, concrete, plastic and other non-metal substrates. New features include a polyurea mode for measuring coatings up to 200 mils.

(800) 448-3835
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