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Finishing materials & equipment.


AccuSpray has designed a new mobile cart for its HVLP paint spray equipment and three stage turbine. Measuring 40-in. from handle to handle and 21-in. high, it is compact with built-in convenience, the company says. It accommodates all the tools needed for spraying all types of materials on all types of surfaces. Circle #373

Titan Tool offers the Elite Series of airless spray pumps, available in E20 Electric and G55 gas-powered models. They are designed for high-rate, multi-gun spray applications. The company says the pumps offer consistent, dependable performance even in the most demanding high production environments. Circle #374

Graco's H.E.L.P. 1265 is a high efficiency, low-pressure spray gun, which utilizes compliant "soft spray" technology without the need for special air turbines, manifolds, heaters or bulky hoses. The gun connects to an existing low pressure system and can be used to spray coatings including: stains, inks, dyes, urethanes and high solids. Circle #375

The Poly-Pro paint proportioning system, from Magnum Industries, allows the use of high solids polyester paints. Catalyst is metered by a slave pump and is infinitely adjustable from 1% to 4% by simply turning a handwheel. Mixing is done in a belt clip, or wall mounted mixing block. The only flushing required is from the mixing block to the gun. All the mixing takes place in the hose. This system can be used with air, HVLP, or air-assisted-airless spray guns. Circle #376

From Apollo Sprayers, Model 1000 + features a heavy-duty three-stage ball-bearing turbine which will run up to three spray guns at the same time. Air output is 120 cfm at 6 psi. It can be used with stains, lacquers, sealers, and water-based coatings. Circle #377

Fuji Industrial Spray Equipment manufactures a wide range of HVLP spray guns and systems including the GX HVLP gun which can be used with a compressor or turbine. Circle #378

Campbell Hausfeld introduces its new high-volume, low-pressure (HVLP) paint sprayer, the HV2000. It can be used for woodworking, metalworking, plant maintenance, cabinetry and furniture applications or wherever a fine finish is needed. It sprays a variety of materials including acrylics, stains, enamels, lacquers, latex paints and primers. Circle #379

DeVilbiss Ransburg offers the KB II stainless steel (KB II SS) two-quart remote pressure feed cup for applications where corrosive materials are used, such as waterbornes and halogenated hydrocarbons. The KB II SS is available in two models; one for a fluid pressure range of 15-50 psi for heavier viscosity materials and 2-25 psi for fluid flow rates 10 ounces per minute or less. Circle #380

The MACH 1 CUB HVLP touch-up gun has been added to the MACH 1 HVLP spray system by Binks Mfg. The CUB features: forged aluminum body weighing 10 oz., lateral index finger trigger, elongated fluid inlet finger grip and large control knobs. Circle #381

Available from Kremlin Inc., the new A25 Airspray and ATX Airmix provide versatility and quick gun changeover due to their unique modular design. Benefits include: maneuverability, easy maintenance, excellent transfer efficiency, and high speed production rates. Circle #382


Columbus Industries offers Boothguard, which it says is an economical approach to a safer and cleaner spray booth by protecting against booth overspray. Circle #383

Spray booths and filter rolls are available from Dispo Spray Booths by Sheila. Both reportedly collect all types of overspray from all coating products. Model L 130 leg booth is available with a 30-in. roll for finishing small parts. Circle #384

David Story/Chemco Mfg. offers a low-cost Particulate Filtration Conversion System for non-filtered spray booths and for booths using high cost, hazardous waste generating water wash systems. Circle #385

Classic Systems' CamBooth models are designed to meet Clean Air Act regulations and can be used as a spray booth or fume control device. It uses a down-draft design with dry filter and air curtains at operator stations and entry and exit points. The exhaust rate is 3,500 scfm per 20-ft booth. Circle #386


The Schiele Vacumat Master, from E & R Supply reportedly ensures 100% transfer efficiency and is designed specifically for application of UV, 100% solids and waterborne coatings. It has a stainless steel construction and can be furnished with a coating repellent liner to facilitate quick cleanup. Circle #387

Hymmen International offers the curtain coater, Model Multi-Coater MTC. Advantages include: the ability to use lacquers with higher solids-state and lower solvent content; coatings which do not easily form a curtain film can be applied; even and uniform lacquer application over the total working width; and quick clean up. Circle #388

QuickWood offers the B3 automatic moulding sprayer available with three to four guns and up to 20-in. spray width. According to the company, paint recovery is complete with filtration for paint, sealer and topcoats. The company also offers the LQI automatic stacker for trailing a moulding sprayer, with capabilities for stacking 30 pcs/min. Circle #389

Up to 80% recovery of coating materials, made possible by a wide carbon steel belt for transport of workpieces, is one of the benefits of the Rhodes/Eurotecno Model ET/7 Automatic Spraying Machine. The machine employs eight spraying guns on opposing reciprocators. Two robotized spraying units, each with four infinitely adjustable spray guns, apply coatings, moving in a linear fashion rather than rotating. Circle #390

The Model 490 Panel Cleaner, from Black Bros Co. is an efficient vacuum and airflow system that brushes dust, dirt, and embedded chips from board surfaces. The rotating brushes prepare both top and bottom surfaces simultaneously, prior to any finishing, gluing, coating, or laminating operations. This action reportedly eliminates reject panels, thereby improving productivity and reducing waste. Circle #391

The Makor CSP-90 spraying machine from Derda Inc. is designed to spray water and solvent-based stain as well as all types of clear or pigmented, glossy or matte paints. It can be equipped with two or three workstations and two air, air mix or airless can be installed in each. The special spray vats can be quickly reassembled during cleaning, the company says. The work zone is enclosed but can be entered to adjust the spray position of the guns. Circle #392

The UNICARB spray system, available through Nordson Corp., substitutes carbon dioxide for as much as 80% of the organic solvents required for spray applications to substantially reduce VOC emissions, the company says. The units can be retrofit to existing pain facilities. Circle #393

The high-speed moulding sprayer from Delle Vedove contains a built-in water-wash fume filtering system. The two-station in-line sprayer applies a consistent amount of finish to each piece. A centralized extraction unit with the new water wash fume filter directly retrieves the overspray. Each station includes two spray guns of either low or high pressure. Transport is achieved with a shaft driven belt conveyor with adjustable speeds from 60 to 300 fpm. Circle #394

Available from European Woodworking Machinery Co., the Buerkle Roller Curtain Coater Type WGM can apply very thin layers of varnish of only 1.5 mil due to a new roller technology which is used to form the falling material curtain. The machine can be used to coat shaped surfaces such as profiled architectural doors. Circle #395

From George Koch Sons, the Koch/TPD pressure head curtain coater uses only the coating material that the product intercepts as it passes through the pressure curtain. Liquid coating material is pumped from the main reservoir tank to the pressure coating head using a variable speed, positive displacement pump. A trough located directly under the coating head at conveyor level returns the unused coating back to the main reservoir tank for recirculation. Circle #396

The Model 624 from Paint-O-Matic is designed for top and edge coating of workpieces and will handle products up to 2 in. thick and 24 in. wide. Optional features include an inside roller as well as top and bottom coating. Circle #397

Rotoclean 4, from Cattinair, is an advanced robotized spray finishing enclosure, which offers high quality finishes, proven productivity gains, and environmental protection for applying stains, lacquers, and varnishes in furniture making, the company says. The spray system has four rotating arms, each with a programmable spray gun that can be angled and cycled. It also has a rotary sealing system, six separate material infeed/outfeed ports, and an automated material changeover mode. Circle #398

American Machine Corp. offers a sprayer/finisher for up to 12-in. material widths. The machine sprays both flat and profiled pieces automatically and without adjustments. The spray cuts off automatically after each piece of stock completes its pass. The product reportedly reduces VOC emissions, improves the quality of finishes and satisfies California Rule 1136. Circle #399


A pilot Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO), from Smith Engineering Co., can simulate actual operating conditions, evaluate viability of regenerative thermal oxidation on individual applications, predict requirements for special materials of construction and demonstrate performance under worst-case process conditions. Circle #400

Salem Industries manufactures regenerative thermal oxidizers and associated equipment. According to the company, its systems cleanse exhaust air of up to 99%+ of all VOCs. The company says it has helped the painting systems, wood finishing and laminating industries solve their emissions problems. Circle #401

ABB Air Preheater Inc. announces its Cor-Pak Thermal and Catalytic Oxidizers, for printing, converting, drying and coating. Features include: expandable modular design from 1,000 to over 200,000 scfm process flow rates; 30-82% primary heat recovery for 0-30% LEL solvent loadings and secondary and tertiary heat recovery with hot air, direct recirculation, hot oil, hot water economizers, chilled water/air and/or steam boiler options. Circle #402

Eagle Monitoring Systems has designed the Model EM 700 for continuous monitoring of hydrocarbons in gaseous samples. Its easy-to-use flame ionization detector (FID) enables this unit to be suitable for monitoring inlet and exhaust of carbon adsorption systems, vapor extraction systems, drying ovens and ambient air among other applications. The EM 700 is available in stationary or portable packages. Circle #403

From REECO/Regenerative Environmental Equipment Co., the Re-Therm uses high temperature to convert COCs and other air toxics into carbon dioxide and water vapor. According to the company, the system can achieve 99% removal efficiency. Circle #404

JWP Energy & Environment Air Technologies offers a patented Regenerative Fume Oxidizer which uses a system that destroys noxious fumes containing solvents, hydrocarbons or odors by oxidation at temperatures of 1500 [degrees] F. All that reaches the environment are non-polluting water vapors and carbon dioxide. The system meets or exceeds current requirements for destruction of volatile organic compounds and provides significant cost savings, the company says. Circle #405


Pneu-Mech Systems designs, manufactures and installs a variety of turnkey systems utilizing finishing equipment including: ovens, spray booths and make-up air units. Other products offered by the company include: fume control systems, dust collection units and mechanical conveying systems. Circle #406

The Air Energy Make-Up System from Air Energy Systems Inc. improves indoor air quality and provides cost savings through the more efficient use of finishing materials and reduced energy costs, the company says. The system enhances the curing process and also provides cooling during the summer months. System features include: heavy-duty construction, low speed fans for quiet operation, automatic modulating dampers, pre-wiring factory testing, digital temperature control and display and flame-retardant ducting. Circle #407

Continental Finishing Inc. specializes in buffed and polished high-gloss polyurethane and polyester coatings applied to customer parts on a contract basis. The facility offers state-of-the-art clean rooms, sanding machines, application equipment and buffing equipment, the company says. Circle #408

driQuik Oven Div. of Dry Clime Lamp Corp. offers a variety of configurations of stationary or mobile infrared ovens. Features include: modular section construction, closely controlled and adjusted flash-off tunnel temperatures by each air jet nozzle, finned duct heater for constant even temperatures and polished reflective baffles or panels that redirect the infrared onto the product. Circle #409


Abilene Research and Development Corp. has developed Texturelac primer for use on all types of metal surfaces including iron, steel, chrome, aluminum and galvanized metal. It can be used for outdoor applications. The company also suggests to use it where adhesion is a problem, on surfaces which are not prepared with chemicals and rinsing baths. Circle #410

Wood-Kote Products offers the Clear and Clean label of environmentally safe lacquers and urethanes. Both come in gloss and satin finishes in pints, quarts, gallons, 5's and drums. Both the urethane and the lacquers are non-yellowing and self-leveling. The urethane will be suitable for floors and any other area requiring a tough finish, the company says. Circle #411

Mohawk Finishing Products Inc. offers a full line of products including water-based sealers and stains. The company says its Ultra II water-based stain is VOC compliant, nonflammable, ready for use, made from state-of-the-art dyes and comes in 10 colors. Circle #412

A waterborne air- or UV-curable finishing system that includes stains, sealers and topcoats is available from PPG Industries. The company's products exhibit an estimated cumulative VOC average of 2.5 to 2.7 lbs/gal, which the company says results in more than 60% VOC reduction. Circle #413

The Star Bronze Co. now offers Zip-Guard water-based wood finish and stain lines that are clean air compliant, will not harm the ozone layer, have low odor, are fast drying and can be cleaned up with soap and water. Wood finishes are available in satin or gloss. They dry water clear and are resistant to water, alcohol, grease and detergents. Circle #414

Guardsman Products, Specialty Coatings Div., offers the Enviro+Plus waterborne finish sampler kit. The kit includes 4 qts of product, two different quarts of stain plus a quart of sealer and topcoat. Technical data information and instructions are also included in the kit. The company says the kit gives custom cabinetmakers a chance to try a waterborne finish system with high performance and low VOCs Circle #415

Pro-Lac waterborne stains available from Compliance Coatings are nonflammable, nontoxic and emit small amounts of solvent, the company says. The maximum VOC is 0.5 lbs/gal. Circle #416

Nelsonite Chemical Products Inc. says its stabilizer, Nelsonite 15B02, is reportedly ideal for use on wood that is to be stained or filled. It improves the staining operation by giving more uniform color, especially on end grain, on problem woods such as pine and where different woods are used in the same piece, the company adds. Circle #417

The Sherwin-Williams Co. offers Sher-Wood Pigmented Conversion Varnish, a low VOC, high-build finishing system with reportedly excellent toughness and chemical resistance for furniture, cabinets and other interior wood products. It comes in a full range of monochromatic colors, may be applied up to 40% volume solids and contains 4.1 pounds of solvent per gallon. Circle #418

Aexcel says its Uthane coatings can achieve a clarity and distinction of image equivalent to multi-coat rubbed lacquers or UV-cured coatings in a range of finishes from low to high gloss. They meet ANSI A-161.1 and KCMA performance standards. The coatings are supplied ready to spray and can be used with a range of ambient temperature and humidity conditions without blushing. Circle #419

Akzo Coatings Inc. says it is currently awaiting a trademark for its thermoset waterborne topcoat AQUAD PLAZ. The product reportedly reduces VOC emissions by approximately 50% vs. conventional solvent-based catalyzed clear topcoats. Circle #420

Crown Metro Inc. offers ELVOC (Extremely Low Volatile Organic Content) coatings, a line of high-solid finishes that comply with solvent emission standards, the company says. The ELVOC low VOC coatings are suitable for spraying, roll or curtain coating with gloss variation ranging from the European wet look to matte. Circle #421

Hood Products' One-step is reportedly environmentally safe. It can be applied by nylon brush, foam pad, spray gun or wiped on and is available in six wood tone colors. Circle #422

Minuteman Inc.'s Aqua-Lac is a water-based lacquer that is user-friendly and economical, the company says. According to the company, Aqua-Lac can be used with turbine systems or brushed on. The water-based lacquers have low VOC content, are crystal clear, and are extremely durable, the company says. A complete line of lacquers, stains, glazes and sample kits are also available from the company. Circle #423

M.L Campbell, a product group of Pratt & Lambert Inc., has introduced a waterborne coating system based on a European wood finishing technology. According to the company, Polystar Water Borne Pigmented Coatings outperform conventional nitrocellulose pigmented lacquer systems in almost all areas and are VOC compliant throughout the U.S. These products exhibit durability, flexibility and have hardness as well as chemical and abrasion resistance. Polystar products are available in over 1,000 colors. Circle #424

Amity now offers water-based maintenance coatings for industrial applications which have the same safety and durability as other Amity finishes. These coatings are available in many colors, including metallics and OSHA safety colors. All coatings exceed EPA regulations for VOC limits and are non-flammable, the company says. Circle #425

United Gilsonite Laboratories has introduced AQUA ZAR water-based polyurethane. The company says the polyurethane combines the beauty and durability of an oil-based polyurethane with the environmental benefits of a water-based finish. It is a non-yellowing, clear wood finish that can be used on a variety of surfaces. AQUA ZAR's clear drying reportedly makes it ideal for use over light-colored or white stains. Circle #426

Velco Inc. offers two new Wood-Tex environmentally-safe formulations. The solvent-free putty and N.F. (nonflammable) waterborne lacquer are designed to meet VOC and environmental regulations and clean up easily with water. The putty is stainable, offered in a variety of colors and is fast drying with minimal shrinkage. The lacquer can be applied with HVLP, air and airless applicators. It is durable, non-yellowing, and withstands water and various chemicals, the company says. Circle #427

Famowood all purpose wood plastic fills wood cracks, gouges and other defects fast, without shrinking, says Beverly Mfg. When properly applied, Famowood is waterproof and weatherproof. Circle #428

Minwax says its Polycrylic protective finish is a clear topcoat that cleans up in water, has little odor and is non-yellowing. The finish is available in clear gloss, semi-gloss and clear satin. Circle #429

The U-100 Synthetic Patch available from The Willamette Valley Co. can be used to repair defects in plywood, mouldings, laminated veneer lumber, laminated beams, lumber, decking and wood composites. Circle #430


Valtorta displayed the Bravorobot automatic spraying robot system. The spraying arm is mounted on a carriage which allowed 5-axes movement by means of electronic control. The machine can be equipped with one or two guns. Benefits of the system include the ability to spray panels with different sizes and shapes, reduced waste of lacquer, quick cleaning for fast color changeover and reduction of VOCs. Circle #371

Cefla introduced a new cold UV light which is capable of drying pigmented finishes without heating the substrate. Available from Stiles Machinery Inc., the light can be used with Cefla's ROC EcoSprayer which features a patented system of recovering for reuse, up to 95% of material deposited on the mylar conveyor. A scrubber system maintains solid particle levels on exhausted air below 3mg/[m.sup.3] and an automatic air recycling system and solvent concentration detection device reduces the volume of exhausted air by approximately 50%. A water filtration system pumps waste to an external separation system which separates solid materials form the water. Circle #372
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