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Finish your laundry one peso at a time.

The idea of washing clothes can be daunting to some, especially the drying part ("Here comes the rain again"). For those who opt for hand washing to save on water and electricity, think again.

Many don't know it, but using a washing machine nowadays can not only save you time but likewise save water and electricity, not to mention provide utmost convenience to make laundry time a not-so-tedious task. You can even finish washing your clothes spending as low as "One Peso" per cycle.

All because of Midea, one of the world's biggest brands in home appliances, through the Midea Fully Automatic One-Touch Washing Machine. Midea offers Filipinos a fully-automatic washing machine that only needs the single touch of a button to operate--and so you can make your life simpler and fuss-free.

The "One Touch" feature allows you to wash, rinse and dry your laundry, just a touch of a button. Its easy to operate control panel provides you with the utmost convenience in your washing chores.

Definitely, the star feature of the Midea Fully Automatic One-Touch Washing Machine is its ability to consume as low as "One Peso" per wash load, thereby quashing the general perception that using a washing machine is expensive. With the "One Peso" per wash benefit, you won't be afraid to look at your electric bill ever again, giving you more budget for the extra things your family needs--or loves.

Now you don't have to worry about missing an episode from your favorite TV show since you can leave all the washing to Midea's Fully Automatic Washing Machine. The "Quick Wash" feature allows you to wash as fast as 19 minutes; now you save a significant amount of time when washing slightly soiled clothes, allowing you to finish other household chores or even catch your favorite TV series.

The "Water Magic Cube" function, on the other hand, is all about creating a multi-dimensional water movement that mimics hand washing. This cutting edge technology allows water and detergent to penetrate the fabric more efficiently by creating a multi-dimensional water flow movement for better cleaning results. It even minimizes tangles, a common issue of machine-based laundry washing, by up to 83 percent so that clothes last longer. Water Magic Cube gives you multi-directional cleaning motion that simulates hand-washing and provides 27 percent better cleaning efficiency.

If your concern is about water usage, worry no more since the Midea Fully Automatic One-Touch Washing Machine has "Smart Sensors" that automatically loads only the right amount of water based on your wash load so there's no waste. So as you save on water, you help preserve a key resource of the environment, and yet achieve the best wash ever.

And you are protected because of Midea's 10-year warranty (8 kg, 10 kg, and 12 kg models) on the Midea Fully Automatic One-Touch Washing Machine. Durability is assured, and longevity of use is promise fulfilled for the modern homeowner of today.

Midea Fully Automatic One-Touch Washing Machine is now available in leading appliance centers like Abenson, Western Appliances, in Metro Manila, and which also comes in Twin Tub models. Suggested retail price for the Fully Automatic 7kg is P10,995, 8kg model is P14,995, the 10kg at P17,995 and the 12kg at P21,995, while for the Twin Tub, the 8kg model is P7,995 while for the 10kg model, price is at P10,195.

Midea, one of the world's most trusted appliance brands, is distributed in the Philippines by Concepcion Midea, Inc. (CMI), a joint venture of the country's big names in quality home appliances: Concepcion Industrial Corporation (CIC) and Concepcion Carrier Air Conditioning (CCAC), with the objective of bringing quality and innovative home appliances to consumers in the Philippines.

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Title Annotation:Tech Lifestyle
Publication:Manila Bulletin
Date:Jul 2, 2014
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