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Fininvest's Reteitalia, SBC or SBC, Reteitalia?

Fininvest has gone into another internal reorganization. Reteitalia, the former umbrella company that handled acquisition, production, coproduction and sales, has been stripped of its sales functions. International sales are now under the Silvio Berlusconi Communications holding company. Until recently, SBC also handled production and coproduction, while Reteitalia was just in acquisition. Under the new Reteitalia's structure, Daniele Lorenzano heads sales, Riccardo Tozzi in charge of production, (fiction) while Giuseppe Proietti moves into in international coproductions.

The SBC until will now only handle international sales under Giuseppe Proietti, with home vidoe thrusted to Giovanni Stabilini in Milan, and Rita Vergantini overseeing both TV and home video sales. Both Proitti and Vergantini are based in Rome.

According to Giuseppe Proietti, SBC will be at MIPTV with three new shows: The Lion of the Desert, a two-part miniseries; Childer in the Shadow, a four-part miniseries and the third part of the trilogy A Child Named Jesus: The Mystery.

On the average, Reteitalia spent up to $2 million per hour. This year, SBC is expected to generate about $38 million in sales, with a catalogue of some 300 TV program hours.

Considering that, in a four-yera period, Fininvest spent an estimated $600 million to build up its TV library, Berlusconi's three TV networks had to recoup over $450 million in the domestic market. This represents an average cost of $1.5 million per broadcast hour, while advertising revenues may cover only $700,000 per hour. Under this assumption, Berlusconi's finance deficit for its in-house production is much higher than that of the U.S. studios.

For Proietti, a former executive with RAI's SACIS, SBC's major market is Europe, specifically Germany, Spain and France.
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Title Annotation:Silvio Berlusconi Communications
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Date:Apr 1, 1991
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