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Fingerprint Door Locks. (Product Watch).

Biometrics USA offers a new line of Fingerprint Door Locks from BioCert. This line of door locks combines security with sophisticated sensor technology, making it an affordable and secure alternative to conventional door locks. Biometrics applies precise mathematical measurements to distinct physical attributes, such as fingerprints.

The FS-100 fingerprint deadbolt is compatible with most doors in North America. It resembles a large, high-end door handle and lock, with a small opening at the very top. The opening holds the unit's fingertip scanner. A front panel covers a numeric keypad for programming the unit, which is powered by five AA batteries. A 9-volt battery can be inserted into the front panel to provide enough power to enter if the AA batteries die. It also comes with emergency keys. To operate the lock, an authorized user simply places a finger over the scanner, and within a second or two, the print is recognized and the door unlocks.

Circle 180 on Reader Service Card
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Publication:Nursing Homes
Date:Jul 1, 2003
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