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Finger picking. good.

CURTIS ELLER @ 10 Feet Tall, Cardiff (tomorrow) AS if looking like a ginger Borat wasn't enough of a handicap in getting ahead in showbusiness, Curtis Eller also yodels and plays the banjo. And you know the old joke about banjos don't you? You don't? Okay, here goes: "What's the difference between an onion and a banjo? No one cries when you take a knife to a banjo." Look, I never said it was funny, and in any case, I've got a bit of a soft spot for that much reviled of instruments. As for the whole yodelling thing? Heck, why should those Lederhosen-clad, Alpine-types get all the jollies, eh? In all seriousness though, Curtis Eller is complete class, performing the kind of parched, loping backwoods blues that fans of Seasick Steve, William Elliott Whitmore and even Tom Waits will love. Having said that, I've just read he started out in life as a juggler. As far as I'm concerned there's absolutely no excusing that. Enquiries: 029 2022 8883 best gig Katatonia @ Barfly, Cardiff (Saturday) "IT'S all over the front page, you give me rrrrroad rrrrrrage!" God I love that song, and the Mulder And Scully one.

Eh, wasssat? It's not them. How do mean, 'Swedish doom metal'? Oh, Catatonia with a 'K', you say. Righto!

Glad we're cleared up that little bit of confusion, otherwise that could have got a little bit messy.

Box office: 0870 9070999 best day out Centre For Alternative Technology @ Machynlleth ONE word: composting.

Now, did that get you going? No? Okay.

Well, what about a 180ft water-powered cliff railway? Jeez, you're a hard one to please.

But, for the rest of you, there's the Centre For Alternative Technology's visitor centre, Europe's leading environmental centre.

Nestled in the hillsides of Southern Snowdonia, this seven-acre site includes exciting interactive displays that demonstrate the incredible power of wind, water and sun and features working examples of environmentally-responsible buildings, energy conservation, organic growing and composting.

And, lest we forget, there's the aforementioned amazing 180ft water-powered cliff railway (honestly, I've seen pictures of it) to enjoy and help you soak in the magnificent mountain vista view.

Details: 01654 702400 best cd Joanna Newsom - Have One On Me (out now) I MET Joanna Newsom once you know, on a plane out of Bristol bound for New York's JFK.

I said, "Hello, big fan". She looked up from her book and replied, "Thanks."

All right, so it's not the greatest anecdote ever, but what do you want from me, blood? Suffice to say, I'm going to give this a good review, having fallen in love with her unique sound the minute I heard 2004's Milk Eyed Mender LP.

That voice - previously a mix of Kate Bush and a little girl gone mad ingesting helium balloons at her sixth birthday party - has given way to a richer, more soulful thing of beauty, while her harp-led reveries, fleshed out here with piano and brass, are as spell binding as ever.

My only complaint is, at three CDs and over two hours long, some tracks are a bit free-roaming and lacking a touch of self-editing that would have made this a stone-cold classic.

But I'm nit-picking.

best of the rest Errors @ Barfly, Cardiff (tonight): Glasweigan post-rockers, a bit new wavey, a bit ravey, a bit electro.

Box office: 0870 9070999 Eaststrikewest @ Barfly, Cardiff (Friday): Epic-sounding melodic rock, now with added orchestra (although I doubt they'll manage to fit them in the Barfly).

Info: 029 2039 6589 Reverend & The Makers @ Central Station & Yales, Wrexham (Thursday): Perennial Sheffield indie types. Worth a look see.

Call: 01978 311857 You Me At Six @ Newport Centre, Newport (Wednesday): They're emo, emo, very very emo, they're very emo.

Tickets: 01633 662666
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