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Finger friendly and a cut above the rest.

For people with arthritis, using scissors can be a painful process. Ditto for workers who spend a great deal of time cutting. Actually, anybody who finds the use of traditional scissors uncomfortable will appreciate the Model 400 High Precision Scissor from Xuron Corp., Saco, Maine.


Initially developed for assembly workers, this model is designed for users who will be cutting for several hours straight. Instead of the usual finger loops, this industrial-grade product features a soft, cushioned hand grip and a return spring. With a gentle squeeze, the optimally leveraged cutting head produces clean, square cuts on various light metals, plastics, and Mylar.

Ideal for electronics assembly work, home repairs, crafters, and hobbyists, the Xuron Model 440 High Precision Scissor ($19.25) is suitable for cutting soft sheet metal up to 0.1 mm thick, embroidery floss, foils, paper, photo-etch parts, and splitting cable jacketing. For more information, visit

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Title Annotation:What's New?; Model 400 High Precision Scissor
Publication:USA Today (Magazine)
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Date:Jul 1, 2011
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