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Fine separation technology from Mozley.

In many cases, the economics of success of a mining venture rests on the treatment of ultra fine material, where, historically, valuable mineral losses have been highest. Indeed, the latest product developments from Richard Mozley Ltd were developed within this context and the company recently announced new developments in the areas of high performance hydrocyclones, multi-gravity separators and oil/water separators.

Mozley's new range of ultra compact hydrocyclone assemblies are aimed at combining simplicity of operation with reduced capital cost, and allow high capacities to be treated with minimal space requirements. The hydrocyclones within the new 'MM' assemblies are manufactured in highly abrasion-resistant polyurethane with ceramic options available in high-wear contact areas.

A new feature is the capability of the assemblies to accommodate hydrocyclones from 10 mm in diameter up to 125 mm, with common assembly components. A single, 600 mm diameter Mozley 18-way 60 mm hydrocyclone compact assembly, for example, provides capacities of up to 180 [m.sup.3]/h, with a typical separation cut point ([d.sub.50]) in the region of just 10 microns.

Alongside its new compact hydrocyclone assemblies, the Mozley Multi-Gravity Separator (MGS) has earned an international reputation for the recovery and concentration of a variety of fine minerals such as tin, strontium (celestite), oxide copper and tantalum. The technology is essentially targeted at feed solids finer than 100 microns and the enhanced gravity forces enable recovery of particles as fine as 2 microns where sufficient density difference exists between the valuable and waste mineral fractions. The technology also eliminates the need for complex civil foundations as the counter-balanced design of the units dictates vibration-free mounting points.

Mozley is also understood to be developing a new prototype high-capacity version of the MGS after recent research showed that the existing unit offers considerable advantages over concentrate upgrading by froth flotation. These include improvements in not only specific grade and recovery, but also lower susceptibility to water quality and pulp density fluctuations. Designated the MeGaSep, this latest development will allow economic consideration to be given to a large number of tailings operations where Richard Mozley can offer a complete operational equipment package for fines recovery. Moreover, the equipment involves no reagent operating costs, with the added advantage of reducing environmental impact considerations.

Richard Mozley has also recently introduced a novel oil/water separator. Incorporating a unique vertical gravity separation (VGS) principle, the unit was targeted initially at waste water treatment circuits and oil refinery operations, but it has created considerable interest from operators of solvent extraction operations where improved recovery of organic solvents can offer considerable economic advantages.

Skimming just a few millimetres from the surface of the organic/water mix, the liquid flows over a spiral of oil-attracting conical plates that form the heart of the oil/water separator. Organics and organic coated particles that form the low density phase rise to the liquid surface inside the VGS unit and are taken off under gravity for collection in a separate vessel for recycling or disposal. Clean water discharges from an outlet at the side of the unit and, again, can be disposed of or recycled as required.

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Title Annotation:Richard Mozley Ltd.
Publication:Mining Magazine
Date:Sep 1, 1997
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