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Fine parents if their kid is a bully?

In Monona, Wisconsin, some people are paying the price for bullying. A new law there fines parents as much as $177 if their kid is caught bullying. Officials in Monona argue that if parents are forced to pay a fine, they will try harder to fix their kids' bad behavior. But many people think it's the bullies who should be held responsible for their actions. Here's what two of our readers think.


Claire Freschi, Wisconsin

The parents of bullies should have to pay a fine. As someone who has been subjected to bullying, I believe that a bully's parents are responsible when their kid does something bad to another student. If the parents of the bully had to pay a fine, they would take bullying more seriously and help prevent it.


Darron Broach, New Jersey

Parents should not have to pay a fine if their child is caught bullying another kid. Parents can't be with their kids all day. Once a parent has taught their child right from wrong, it's up to the child to make the right choices. I think kids learn from their bad actions only when they are punished correctly.

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Title Annotation:DEBATE
Author:Freschi, Claire; Broach, Darron
Publication:New York Times Upfront
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Date:Oct 7, 2013
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