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Finding sustainable fish.

If you are a seafood lover who'd like to encourage your local retailer to sell sustainable fish and shellfish, or if you are a retailer or restaurant looking to offer non-threatened species to your customers, the Seafood Choices Alliance has produced a free online guide.

Sourcing Seafood: A Professional's Guide to Procuring Ocean-friendly Fish and Shellfish, found online at, identifies over 400 suppliers of sustainable seafood and provides buyers with valuable information on the better environmental seafood choices.

It is divided into two parts. "Find Seafood" contains valuable information on many ocean-friendly seafood items, from farmed abalone and arctic char to wild salmon and wahoo. "Find a Supplier" allows buyers to locate suppliers offering the seafood items profiled in the species pages.

There is also a searchable directory of the Seafood Choices Alliance restaurant members. "Find a Restaurant" is accessible by all visitors to the Seafood Choices Alliance website, allowing individual consumers to utilize this list of restaurants offering ocean-friendly menu options.

The Seafood Choices Alliance is a non-profit global trade association for the issue of ocean-friendly seafood: with more than 3,000 members from around the world, the Alliance helps the seafood industry--from fishermen and fish farmers to distributors, wholesalers, retailers and restaurants--to make the seafood marketplace environmentally and economically sustainable.

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