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Finding Herself: Pathways to Identity Development in Women.

This book examines how women go about the task of finding their individual identities. Going beyond other research on female psychology, which is often limited to the study of women psychotherapy patients, Josselson chooses ordinary women as subjects--randomly selected and interviewed first as college students, then twelve years later as women living with the choices they have made. Josselson presents the stories of eleven women in detail to demonstrate the four different pathways women follow as they shape their identities: Purveyors of the Heritage carry their self-definitions into adulthood without going through the crisis and reassessment associated with adolescence. Pavers of the Way go through a period of crisis during which they independently forge their own identities. Daughters of Crisis experience a prolonged identity crisis, which is sometimes resolved later in life. The Lost and Sometimes Found are unable to make identity decisions and experience neither crisis nor commitment. This book reveals the important ways women differ, not just from men but from each other, in their approaches to forming relationships, making decisions about family and children, pursuing careers, developing religious beliefs and world views, and more. It shows how early experiences--such as separation during infancy and identity decisions made in adolescence--can shape the course of a woman's adulthood.
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Article Type:Book Review
Date:Mar 22, 1993
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