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Find your perfect pen pal!

Ever wish you had faraway friends? Girls who could let you know what's up in Wisconsin? A bud who knows the trends in Tuscaloosa? Or maybe just someone you can tell your innermost secrets--without the chance of your entire school finding out? Pen pals are perfect for that! While you could just write random addresses in Amsterdam, we have a foolproof system in place. The good news is, we have someone whose sole job is to find you five perfect pen pals (thanks, Georgia!). The bad news is, it's gonna cost you $10 (that's two bucks a friend, folks). Hit the 'rents up for a 10-spot, and follow the easy steps below. Then get ready to hear, "You've got mail!"

Here's What You Do

1 If you have Internet access, go to, and click on Pen Pals. Credit card users, complete the application and pay online. Otherwise, print off the application, fill it out and mail it to us with a $10 check or money order made out to Girls' Life. Don't send cash!

2 If you don't have Internet access, take a self-addressed, stamped envelope (neatly write your complete name and address in the center of a business-size envelope, stick a stamp on it, fold in half, put it in another envelope) and mail it to I Want a Pen Pal!, Girls' Life, 4517 Harford Road, Baltimore, MD 21214. We'll send you an application.

3 After you get your application, please fill it out very neatly with a dark ink pen. When giving us your e-mail address, don't forget to include the service provider (like For your own safety, we strongly suggest that each pen pal provide an e-mail address or obtain a P.O. box instead of giving out a home address.

4 Once we receive your application and payment, we'll match you up with five girls in the U.S. or Canada who share your interests. (We're good with this match-making stuff.) Then the ball is in your court to write away!

5 The most important thing is to follow our rules on being a safe pen pal. And write back for Pete's sake!
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