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Find all the latest rubber developments inside.

This Spring 2005 edition of Rubber World's Product News features a case study on page 4 describing the use of a special mold release that is said to have improved productivity and achieved significant cost reductions for a large U.S. automotive molder that molds SMC (sheet molding compound), producing engine cross braces for General Motors. The proprietary formulation from Axel Plastics Research Laboratories is molded on nickel and chromed steel tools operating at 300 [degrees] F/150 [degrees] C.

China's tire production and sales increased in 2004, as the country's output of tires reached 239 million, an increase of 18.7% from 2003. Sales revenue of the tire industry in China topped $9.6 billion, a jump of 37.6% from 2003, according to statistics issued by the National Bureau of Statistics and reported on page 5. In other news, rubber prices are predicted by the Bangkok (Thailand) Post to soar higher, with demand in China and India rising. The inaugural Euromap Business Conditions Survey reports that machinery makers are optimistic for 2005.

Recent introductions in the rubber industry, highlighted on page 6, include NXT LowV silane and NXT Ultra-LowV silane coupling agents from GE Advanced Materials, said to help decrease ethanol emissions up to 90% compared to polysulfide silanes. Five 70 Series tread designs added to Marangoni Tread's range of Ringtread precured tread rings are also described.

In every issue of the Rubber World Product News, readers will find the latest information on a wide variety of products and services for the rubber industry, including machinery and equipment, chemicals and materials, instrumentation, hardware and software, and custom services. The final pages of the Product News are dedicated to brochures, available from companies by simply noting the circle number on cards located next to the back cover.

As always, we welcome information from your company to be published in upcoming issues of the Product News. Press releases, artwork and brochures may be sent to Rubber World's offices or emailed to Thank you for your loyal readership, and we hope you enjoy this latest edition.
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Author:Rohrer, Jill
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Date:Mar 22, 2005
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