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Find Mapman[TM].

As JS's Mapman, I create the maps you see in all of our Issues. In the photo above, I'm leaning against the world's oldest freestanding structure. It was the final destination of a trip I took recently. The map shows all the places I visited.

If you correctly answer the following questions, find my final destination, and draw a map of the country to which it belongs, you could win our Mapman[TM] contest! The grandprize winner will receive a $500 U.S. Savings Bond, a Franklin[R] Electronic Merriam-Webster's[R] Dictionary, and a Mapman T-shirt. Twenty-five runners-up will each win an electronic dictionary and a T-shirt. Good luck!

1. I left Turin in a high-speed train. What is the Italian name for Turin, the host city of the 2006 Winter Olympics?

2. From Venice, I boarded a plane and flew to Sarajevo, a former host city of the Winter Games. Sarajevo is the capital of which country.?

3. I then flew to a Mediterranean city located at 31[degrees]N, 30[degrees]E. What is the city?

4. When I landed in Egypt, I remembered that the Mediterranean Sea is almost completely enclosed by land. Which three continents form the sea's boundaries?

5. Next, I set off on a sailboat to Iraklion, the capital of Crete. Which country controls Crete?

6. Then I sailed across the Ionian Sea, through the Strait of Messina, to Naples. In which general direction did I travel?

7. I flew to a capital city located at 37[degrees]N, 10[degrees]E. What is the name of the city?

8. I arrived at my final destination at 36[degrees]N, 14[degrees]E--one of five stony islands situated in the middle of the Mediterranean. To which country does this tiny island belong?

Fund Mapman[TM] and Win *

* A Merriam-Webster handheld electronic dictionary
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Author:McMahon, Jim
Publication:Junior Scholastic
Date:Feb 6, 2006
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