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Financially secure future needed for profession.

Unfortunately, after reading the Perspectives (page 33-37) and other articles in OT's March edition, I'm left asking the same question that I've been asking for the past 40 years: 'Who pays?'

The profession is being urged to invest in new technology and training without anyone explaining how this large capital investment will provide a reasonable return. How many independent optometrists have the training needed to run a practice profitably?

We need to ask business leaders outside of optometry to write easy-to-understand articles on business plans, key performance indicators, controlling overheads, pricing strategies, online marketing, standards of performance, target markets etc.

The sale of spectacles and contact lenses in the old days subsidised the sight test function, but these sales are now being eroded by the internet.

The danger, as I see it, is that we are being urged to take on a more 'litigation-laden' medical role without commensurate remuneration, but with increased professional indemnity costs.

It's not enough for our leaders to urge the profession to invest more; they need to articulate how their vision will provide a financially secure future for the profession.

Archie Toppin, optometrist

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Author:Toppin, Archie
Publication:Optometry Today
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Jun 1, 2019
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