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Financial printer streamlines.


The biggest financial printer in the world, 215-year-old Bowne & Co. Inc., New York, prints prospectues for new stock offerings, proxies, mergers and acquisitions, and other critical financial documents.

Many require SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) review. They all require a high degree of accuracy. Often, they must hop from office to office for review by officers, attorneys, and investment bankers.

Under pressure-cooker conditions, the unpredictable workload often requires around-the-clock attention by Bowne's production staff to meet tight filing deadlines.

Because the normal workload at any of Bowne's 33 locations has numerous peaks and valleys, it was uneconomical to place production equipment everywhere. Instead, a huge telecomm network links all sites. Bowne can pump 15 million characters per day of confidential time-sensitive info across the network.

The $5 million network is based on dynamic-throughput technology embedded in devices that reduce how much data must be sent over the network. This lets Bowne use fewer lines.

"We have slashed the cost of the network by $400,000 a year," says Thomas J. Vos, vice president of marketing. "There are also intangible gains such as accuracy, responsiveness, and 24-hour network integrity."

Bowne has opened offices across North America and established a network of global affiliates. The growth brought with it the need for accuracy, speed, and security. Documents which Bowne typecasts and prints are lengthy and complicated.

Symplex "datamizers" enable Bowne to use only a third of the telecomm lines that would otherwise be needed. "We also can gain up to four times the standard throughput capacity every time we expand the network with a single new line," says Vos.

A feature called automatic link intelligence (ALI) anticipates line degradation and does alternate routing while maintaining user sessions.

"With this ability to sense impending trouble and establish alternate routings, we keep message streams flowing despite what could be crippling transmission problems," says Vincent De Meo, R&D director.

"This means uninterrupted network service--essential to our customers."
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Title Annotation:Bowne & Co.
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Date:Nov 1, 1990
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