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Financial management and human resources warfighter training support packages: warfighter training support packages give financial management and human resources soldiers the tools to accomplish their wartime missions.

The Soldier Support Institute (SSI) Training Development Directorate, in collaboration with the Adjutant General and Financial Management Schools, created a series of warfighter training support packages (WTSPs) that financial management (FM) and human resources (HR) organizations can use to conduct unit and team training.

A WTSP is a complete, detailed, exportable package that contains training products, materials, and information to support operating force training. A WTSP includes training content such as collective and individual tasks, lesson plans (slides and instructor notes), and practical exercises. FM and HR organizations use WTSPs to gain, maintain, and improve their technical proficiency in the individual and collective tasks required to accomplish their wartime missions.

WTSPs supplement a unit's approved combined arms training strategy. They establish no set sequences or mandated requirements, so unit trainers and leaders should first assess the training status of their units and then select the appropriate entry point and training topics.

WTSP lesson plans provide an estimate of the academic hours needed for each learning activity. The estimates can serve as guidelines for scheduling technical training. Units must recognize that it may take several training periods to complete a specific task.

The current inventory of FM and HR WTSPs can be found on the SSI Learning Resource Center website, in the Army Training Network, and in the Central Army Registry. These platforms are also used for WTSP updates.

The Learning Resource Center is located at https://ako.ssi.tradoc.

WTSPs in the Army Training Network are available at https:// Or you can find the WTSPs in the Central Army Registry at mil/catalog/#/dashboard by doing a search.

WTSP questions can be directed to the SSI Collective Training Branch by emailing usarmy.jackson. or calling (803) 751-8727.

Sgt. 1st Class Alejandro Bustamante is a senior FM training developer in the SSI Collective Training Branch at Fort Jackson, South Carolina. He holds a bachelor's degree in psychology and is a certified defense financial manager.

Caption: Anthony Perry, a postal and official mail management analyst with the Services and Support Division of the Army Reserve Command, reviews mail-handling procedures with Pfc. Jamaal Monroe, a mail specialist with the 14th Human Resources Sustainment Center, on Sept. 21, 2016. (Photo by Timothy L. Hale)

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Title Annotation:TOOLS
Author:Bustamante, Alejandro
Publication:Army Sustainment
Date:Mar 1, 2017
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