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Exploring cost of quality in the lab. Quintenz, Andy; Williams, Paul Jan 1, 2019 1789
Strategies to maximize reimbursements. Kurec, Anthony Dec 1, 2017 948
Bundled payments can shape the financial futures of pathologists and clinical laboratories. Graham, Sherrie May 1, 2015 1024
Have universities overbuilt biomedical research facilities? Bienenstock, Arthur; Arvin, Ann M.; Korn, David Mar 22, 2015 1289
ASCP and Siemens award 173 scholarships to medical laboratory students in 2014. Brief article Jul 1, 2014 279
Research in clinical laboratory science: professionals' involvement. Laudicina, Rebecca; Fenn, Joann; Freeman, Vickie; McCoy, Carol; McLane, Mary Ann; Mundt, Lillian; Po Report Sep 22, 2011 3843
Medical, lab devices. Brief article Nov 1, 2006 108
Trends in healthcare payment. Hansen, Kathy; Lavanty, Don Jun 22, 2006 1261
Boston Globe survey finds of 128 new stem cell lines created since 2001, 94 are in other countries. Brief Article Jul 14, 2004 193
World's first stem cell bank opens in London; cell lines available to all stem cell scientists. Brief Article May 30, 2004 208
AstraZeneca to invest a further USD85m in new cancer research facility in the UK. Brief Article Feb 12, 2003 113
Lab groups continue to push hard for Medicare inflation update; controversy brews over rapid HIV test. (Washington Report). Szabo, Joan Dec 1, 2002 815
Lab operators and physicians await new policies under "NegReg". Szabo, Joan Brief Article May 1, 2001 819
Medicare clinical lab spending continues to fall; HCFA expands pilot study of waived labs. Szabo, Joan Brief Article Dec 1, 2000 778
Labs seek reimbursement relief. Szabo, Joan Brief Article Oct 1, 2000 813
Medicare aims to recover "inappropriate" payments for lab tests. Sep 1, 2000 160
Basic financial management for laboratorians. Falcone, Donna M. Aug 1, 2000 3323
Lab fee study underway. Brief Article Feb 1, 2000 81
Satellite laboratories: a cost-benefit study. Kiechle, Frederick L.; Aulakh, Veenu Nov 1, 1998 2094
A practical approach to reducing your costs in clinical chemistry testing. Frantz, Debra K. May 1, 1997 3765
"Who speaks for the laboratories?" becomes paramount issue. Albertson, David Jan 1, 1996 609
CLIA, stark rollbacks part of Medicare budget proposals. Albertson, David Dec 1, 1995 592
Cost-per-test analysis for the small lab. Toye, Mary K. Jul 1, 1995 1792
Project targets educational needs of physician office laboratories. Mar 22, 1995 225
FPCA gets funding for Alabama AIDS program. Apr 25, 1994 429
Should lab managers be well versed in finance? Sep 1, 1992 767
Labs face new fee cut to fund health insurance plan. Albertson, David Column Jul 1, 1992 1574
Surviving and flourishing in tough times. Ingalls, Cheryl; Brickman, Jeffrey L. Apr 1, 1992 1864
GAO urges further cuts in lab fee schedule. Aug 1, 1991 1355
Laboratory fee roll-in studied by HHS. Feb 1, 1991 1377
Some wins, some losses in final budget agreement. Dec 1, 1990 1419
Medicare weighs options to gain lower test prices. column Apr 1, 1990 1407
Bush budget for '91 again hits clinical labs. column Mar 1, 1990 1454
The 10% solution to lab profitability. Fantus, James Mar 1, 1990 951
How final 1990 budget affects labs. column Jan 1, 1990 1425
House panel approves $95 million cut in lab payments for 1990. column Aug 1, 1989 1360
Trends in regulation and reimbursement. Sisk, Faye A. Jul 1, 1989 2239
New lab consolidations: competing on a cost basis. Hirsch, P. Thomas Jul 1, 1989 1483
New Medicare physician pay plan could affect labs too. Nov 1, 1988 1309
A new way to determine test cost per instrument. Travers, Eleanor M.; Krochmal, Charles F. Nov 1, 1988 1411
Financial management of the laboratory: who does it and how? Gore, Mary Jane Mar 1, 1988 1594
Financial management of the laboratory: how to improve present systems. Gore, Mary Jane Mar 1, 1988 1739
Financial management is more than monitoring a budget! Barros, Annamarie Mar 1, 1988 2162
Labs hit with cuts under final budget accord. Feb 1, 1988 1368
Revenue and lab enhancement opportunities. Barros, Annamarie Aug 1, 1987 605
Cut costs, not quality. Bulgrin, Lyle L. Aug 1, 1987 2016
A microcomputer program for reagent cost management. Adair, Barton; Darling, Don Aug 1, 1987 1065
Lab salaries and benefits: dissatisfaction in the ranks; salary freezes and other budget curbs are driving employees to look for new jobs. Benezra, Nat Jan 1, 1987 1168
Analyzing and reducing laboratory quality costs; you can actually improve quality while cutting quality costs; here's how to do it. Sharp, James W.; Warshaw, Myron M.; McLaughlin, Susan B. Oct 1, 1986 2208
Congress still intent on fee schedules as budget focus shifts to 1987. column Apr 1, 1986 1371
Practical cost savings in microbiology. Harris, Patricia C.; Sealey, Lynn B. Mar 1, 1986 3939
Making organism identification cost-effective. Kelly, Michael T. Mar 1, 1986 1814
Conferees agree on lab fee ceilings in midst of budget morass. Feb 1, 1986 1378
The impact of DRGs after year 2: consolidating the changes. Becker, Brenda L. Dec 1, 1985 3091
Where Medicare's test work is going; office lab payments will skyrocket and hospital outpatient lab payments will also grow, but independent labs will receive less income for Medicare Part B services. Birenbaum, Mark S. Dec 1, 1985 1224
A cost accounting system targeted to DGRs. Sharp, James W. Sep 1, 1985 2340
Moving lab revenues and costs outside the hospital. Bernstein, Larry H.; Davis, Gustave Aug 1, 1985 1462
Are we outdating reagents too soon? Here are ways to extend the shelf life of many lab products without jeopardizing test results. Morgan, Jeff W. Jul 1, 1985 1962
A polished proposal for laboratory funding; an effective request for funds must demonstrate the laboratory's needs, the cost involved, and the institution's potential benefits. West, Anne; Anderson, Wanda Jun 1, 1985 1189
Labs in ambulatory care centers: medicine's growth sector. Baronowski, John May 1, 1985 3504
A cost containment check list; here's what to look for in reviewing five key aspects of laboratory operations for greater cost-effectiveness. Garcia, Lynne S. Apr 1, 1985 1396
PROs presage tighter squeeze on hospitals and labs. Feb 1, 1985 1207
A dozen ways to achieve more cost effective micro-biology. Ellner, Paul D. Feb 1, 1985 1508
Microbiology's economics: dissecting procedures and costs. Garcia, Lynne S.; Bruckner, David A. Feb 1, 1985 880
The impact of DRGs after year 1: first steps toward greater lab efficiency. Becker, Brenda L. Dec 1, 1984 2215
The cloud over MT schools: can we justify their cost? Umiker, William O.; Yohe, Susan Nov 1, 1984 1667
Controlling reference testing costs; group purchase discounts and computerized test audits helped this lab slash send-out costs. Schraft, William C.; Carniato, Donald E. Oct 1, 1984 1362
A lab-pharmacy push to cut drug therapy costs. Rydzewski, M. Marcia Oct 1, 1984 910
A DRG survival plan for the laboratory budget. Sharp, James W. Sep 1, 1984 2397
CAP loses appeal but cites some gains on reimbursement. Jul 1, 1984 1284
Cutting costs in clinical chemistry. Rosenthal, Arthur F. Jul 1, 1984 3440
Developing cost awareness at the bench. Yapit, Martha K. Jul 1, 1984 2609
Are your ready for a revolution? Maratea, James M. May 1, 1984 666
How much does an MT program cost the hospital. Wiebe, Martha Fogler Mar 1, 1984 1939

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