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Sharing Strategies for Working Together: CLARK COUNTY, WASHINGTON BUDGET DEPARTMENT. Ludwig, Katie Apr 1, 2022 2230
IS YOUR FINANCE FUNCTION AGILE? Agility has become an essential characteristic for the finance function as it transforms to meet today's needs. Jiles, Loreal Cover story Oct 1, 2021 3000
Gartner Says Robotic Process Automation Can Save Finance Departments 25,000 Hours of Avoidable Work Annually. Oct 2, 2019 822
Gartner Says Finance Departments With Differentiated Cultures Can Reduce Hiring Compensation Premiums by 50%. Aug 13, 2019 721
Gartner Says Finance Departments With Differentiated Cultures Can Reduce Hiring Compensation Premiums by 50%. Aug 7, 2019 721
Health, finance departments urge lawmakers to pass sin tax bill. May 30, 2019 337
CAN RPA IMPROVE AGILITY? Today's agile organizations develop RPA solutions to reap the benefits of process improvements. Raju, Pradeep; Koch, Rod Mar 1, 2019 1041
Artificial Intelligence in Finance Departments: Expectations By 2020. Feb 1, 2019 177
Relationship advice for the finance officer. Bailey, Michael Apr 1, 2015 1691
Drive competencies and develop talent: Baker Hughes uses a three-step process that assesses finance employees' skills, offers learning, and holds employees accountable for their own development. Amato, Neil Feb 1, 2015 1358
Ablin on 'future finance'. Brief article Dec 1, 2014 306
Risks/rewards of moving treasury to the cloud. Stark, Bob Apr 1, 2013 1430
Seven trends impacting finance this year. Cohen, Bob Apr 1, 2013 1536
Putting accountants on a "lean" diet. Brewer, Peter C.; Kennedy, Frances A. Cover story Feb 1, 2013 4846
The role of the budget and leadership in addressing statewide ballot issues. Eichem, Bob Apr 1, 2012 2846
Hyper-regulation leaves no place to hide: an unprecedented level of regulation and new legislation are expected to have a major impact on tax and finance departments. Tax is transforming from a departmental, siloed process to an enterprise function, as tax and finance departments are increasingly integrating to improve productivity and manage tax risk and compliance. Norton, Bob Jan 1, 2011 2609
-Government of Czechoslovakia to set up financial stability department. Brief article Sep 29, 2010 146
Using foreign exchange gains/losses to reduce costs. Koester, Wolfgang May 1, 2009 810
Lack of speed, flexibility hamper corporate finance departments. May 1, 2008 425
Accounting and finance systems: unlocking the hidden value. Sonde, Tom Mar 1, 2008 1514
Leaky scuppers. Brief article Feb 1, 2008 125
Transfer pricing: Danny Beeton and Guy Kersch explain why more and more FDs will need to query the transfer pricing basis for most items on their income statements and balance sheets. Beeton, Danny; Kersch, Guy Sep 1, 2007 1309
Building finance departments: from recruiting to retaining; What might be viewed as a "perfect storm" brewing in the labor market--an aging workforce, talent shortages, fewer people entering the workforce and wage pressures--can be counteracted to avert a talent crisis. Messmer, Max Mar 1, 2006 2288
Fiscal office projects slower growth this year. Henry, John Brief Article Aug 1, 2005 244
Financial accountability of human service agencies. Pollack, Daniel Jun 1, 2005 728
State revenue up 9.2 percent. Taulbee, Chip Brief Article Nov 8, 2004 350
Hello, good buys: finance departments tend not to give the purchasing function the attention it deserves, since the potential for cutting costs in this area is substantial. Jeff Gargan offers his guide to sharpening your organisation's procurement through spend category cost management. Gargan, Jeff Nov 1, 2004 1089
NLC's future of public finance initiative in 2004. Hoene, Chris Oct 11, 2004 415
From the editor. Marshall, Jeffrey Editorial Oct 1, 2004 538
Weapons of maths distraction. Brief Article Oct 1, 2004 96
From the editor. Marshall, Jeffrey Editorial Sep 1, 2004 556
Essential internal controls. Stevens, Craig Aug 1, 2004 483
Strategic strengths: the role of the CFO is evolving, according to two new studies, and the management accounting skill set is perceived as that much more critical for maturing organizations. Aug 1, 2004 696
IT proficiency essential for finance professionals, survey finds. Brief Article Oct 1, 2003 269
Trust is not an internal control. Floch, Julie L.; Olson, Cheryl R. Oct 1, 2003 890
Annual report: Air Force financial management--organized for a transforming Air Force. Montelongo, Michael Column Oct 1, 2003 967
Career paths of local government finance professionals: a recent survey of GFOA members shed light on a relatively unexplored topic--the career development and job satisfaction of local government finance officers. Facer, Rex L., II; Cornia, Gary C.; Parsons, Robert J. Aug 1, 2003 1524
Profiting from effective business process integration: implementation isn't easy, but the payoff from operating in real time across multiple platforms and disconnected systems can be enormous. (It Integration). Kane, Susan Foley Jun 1, 2003 1348
FDs lose enthusiasm for euro-compliance matters. (IT News Round-Up). Brief Article Apr 1, 2003 203
Cultivate finance talent from bottom to top: that way you'll have a pool of dedicated, skilled financial leaders. (HR Management). Archer, Eric; Morgan, Robert Jan 1, 2003 1414
Is finance a true strategic partner? (News). Williams, Kathy Oct 1, 2002 475
The global search for talent gets tougher. (Managing). Johnson, Mike Statistical Data Included Jun 1, 2002 1413
The changing role of the CFO. (Career Skills). Johnsson, Margaret Jun 1, 2002 2103
Today's Treasury Function. (Treasury). Sagner, James S. Industry Overview Jan 1, 2002 1161
EVENT TO KNOWLEDGE. Potter, Frank Jul 1, 2001 2793
Strategic Planning in the Finance Department: The Experience of Raleigh, North Carolina. James, Perry E. Aug 1, 2000 2075
Transforming Finance into a Competitive Weapon. Rosengard, Jeffrey S. Statistical Data Included Jul 1, 2000 991
The Joint Financial Management Improvement Program Strikes Gold. ALDERMAN, KAREN CLEARY Jun 22, 2000 2711
Balance Your Project. GERMAIN, CHRISTIAN J. May 1, 2000 2886
Team - Up for SUCCESS. BELASGO, DAVID R. May 1, 2000 1993
What Distinguishes Leading-Edge Finance Departments? Siegel, Gary May 1, 2000 1172
Shared Services Moving Beyond Success. CECIL, BOB Apr 1, 2000 2023
Spending your ad dollars wisely. Bliley, Linda M. Aug 1, 1999 1340
Intelligent cost system design. Cooper, Robin; Slagmulder, Regine Jun 1, 1999 1727
Warner-Lambert's winning vision. Roitman, David; Carlson, Neil Company Profile Jun 1, 1999 3050
Applying TQM principles to the finance department: the city of Auburn experience. Jackson, Andrea Feb 1, 1999 3076
Holding your own. Gray, Carol Lippert Cover Story Sep 1, 1998 3552
Risk is opportunity; let FCIB be your guide. Cruz, Kenneth I. Nov 1, 1997 564
How EDS recruits tomorrow's finance leaders. Roshto, Glenn Sep 1, 1997 1453
Reengineering the accounting and finance functions. Vollmers, Gloria May 1, 1997 1713
Finance's future: challenge or threat? Zarowin, Stanley Apr 1, 1997 3077
Treasury goes for a spin. Oviatt, Thomas Mar 1, 1997 2577
Becoming a business partner. Dennis, Anita Mar 1, 1997 1432
How does your finance department measure up? Jan 1, 1997 1026
Finance transformation: making it work. Hackett, Greg Jan 1, 1997 2212
Why Corning breathes TQM. Shapoff, Stephen H. Interview Nov 1, 1996 1955
Knowing the score. Norton, David P. Nov 1, 1996 2335
Drawing data from the same well. Interview Sep 1, 1996 2437
The finance function of the future: how lending departments are changing. D'Arcy, Mark Jul 1, 1996 2433
And never the twain shall meet? Falconi, Robert R. Jul 1, 1996 1305
Are you in tune with your CIO? Panel Discussion Jul 1, 1996 4279
Peter's principles. Interview Jul 1, 1996 3496
When silence isn't golden. Mackinnon, Peggy Jul 1, 1996 2641
Treasury gets worldly. May 1, 1996 3797
What management expects: evaluation of the tax department and its executives. McAndrews, James P., III Jan 1, 1996 2745
Motorola's financial closings: 12 "nonevents" a year. Zarowin, Stanley Nov 1, 1995 2157
How productive are your people? Panel Discussion Nov 1, 1995 4140
The future of finance. Zarowin, Stanley Aug 1, 1995 1327
Understanding the small enterprise financial objective function. McMahon, Richard G.P.; Stanger, Anthony M.J. Jun 22, 1995 9177
The missing link in re-engineering. Rosengard, Jeffrey S. Cover Story Mar 1, 1995 3064
TQM reduces problems and stress. Montague, James Feb 1, 1995 484
Financial department operating costs. Todor, Charles Feb 1, 1994 1844
Is your data integrated - and under your control? Ricciardi, Lucy R. Jul 1, 1993 1677
Common sense guide to cost control and greater corporate profits. Fleischer, Stuart F. Apr 1, 1993 3019
How to do more with less. Mar 1, 1993 2657
Partnering for performance. Mand, Martin G. Sep 1, 1992 2210
A new city's first year: a finance director's perspective. Daroca, Andrea; Daroca, Frank P. Feb 1, 1992 3665
Should your company be a "corporate bank." Hagemann, Helmut Sep 22, 1991 2630
How to measure performance. Gunn, Robert W. Mar 1, 1991 2184
How to join the competitive wars. Meenan, James J. Mar 1, 1991 841

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