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Finally the Light Bulb Enters the Space Age.

New Delhi, Delhi, June 3 -- It looks like the common light bulb's days are numbered. The Bachat Lamp Yojana program has recently announced plans to scrap 400 million light bulbs by 2012 in an effort to reduce India's energy consumption. Horizon Light and Energy Pvt Ltd aims help the yojana by replacing inefficient incandescent bulbs with its recently launched low energy, high tech replacements.

The solution is a new technology using LEDs - much like the small lights you find in your cell phone or night light. LEDs are basically small microchips that convert electricity into light. These LED light bulbs however are extremely bright, can last for over 20,000 hours and can replace a traditional 60 watt bulb using only 7 watts of power. If we all switched to LED bulbs, we would save 18,600 Crore overnight.

The traditional light bulb isn't energy efficient. 95% of a light bulb's energy consumption is converted into heat, not light. And compact fluorescents (CFLs) take an age to warm up and don't last very long. Besides, they contain toxic mercury which can poison our waters if not disposed of correctly.

Given that 20% of India's energy consumption is from lighting alone, it makes sense to switch to low energy alternatives. And it's not only your wallet that is being protected, the planet will thank you too - LED technology doesn't use any poisonous substances, the lamps are fully recyclable and they give out hardly any heat (meaning your AC unit doesn't have to work so hard just to cool down your light bulbs).

This is not some science fiction story. These new bulbs are already available in India. And you don't need to be a rocket scientist to use them. They fit into regular light bulb sockets in a matter of seconds.

Horizon Light and Energy Pvt Ltd is a supplier of latest technology LED lighting solutions. Further details can be found at

Notes to Editor

Horizon Light and Energy Pvt Ltd supply quality LED lamps to homes and businesses across India. They are 700% more energy efficient, can last over 17 years and are 100% reyclable. We aim to tackle the challenge of money wasting traditional incandescent lighting and replace it with beautifully efficient, next generation LED products that illuminate and inspire. We also aim to raise awareness of the growing energy needs of an expanding India. Our attitude towards energy directly influences our carbon output and this in turn can have a great effect on our environment, our farming, our weather. With the help of efficient technologies such as our LED based products, you can feel comfortable knowing that you are not only saving money, but also the environment and the future of India and the planet.

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Date:Jun 3, 2011
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