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Final Rebuttal.

Rather than continue the argument, I'll let my essay speak for itself because I think I won with nothing further needed to be said. However, the editor did ask for a harsh critique, not a diplomatic or a politically-correct one. Be careful what you ask for, the old saying goes, or you just might get it. I thought I'd be competing with other writers for the spot, so I tried to be as harsh as I could so you would publish my essay. I loved reading your rebuttal--perhaps I was too harsh, and I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings. The only thing that could give me more pleasure is if The Donald would tweet something negative about me. De gustibus non est disputandum.

Ron Larson (Wytheville, VA). Retired community college professor (Ph.D.) and writer of limericks. 538 Limericks From 2016 Politics is available online. I paid a price for exercising free speech. In January 1999, a letter to the editor published in The Richmond Times Dispatch in which I linked Bill Clinton to Elias Canetti's Survivor. From that time, I've been more or less shunned by colleagues. For example, retired in 2002, I have yet to receive emeritus status. I write limericks for two reasons. I believe that ridicule is a great political weapon, and that the limerick is the most effective form of ridicule. I linked Bill Clinton to Elias Canetti's Survivor when Clinton went wild with his bombings during his impeachment proceedings, including bombing the Chinese embassy in Belgrade. According to Canetti, survival is not the same as self-preservation. The Survivor wants to survive everybody. Canetti writes in the last chapter of his "Crowds and Power" these words: "The Survivor is mankind's worst evil, its curse and perhaps its doom."

By Dana Stamps, II

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Title Annotation:Criticism Against The American Dissident
Author:Stamps, Dana, II
Publication:The American Dissident
Date:Mar 22, 2018
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