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Films that Robin particularly valued.

Code Inconnu (2000) Michael Haneke became central to Robin's concept of a contemporary progressive filmmaker. He considered Code Inconnu Haneke's best film.


Letter From an Unknown Woman (1948) Robin had a great affection for Max Ophuls' films. He admired Letter for its graceful mise-en-scene, the film's complex narrative structure and the irony and compassion Ophuls brought to the material.


BELOW: Heaven's Gate (1980) Robin considered Michael Cimino's film as being 'among the supreme achievements of the Hollywood cinema', both stylistically and in its elegiac vision of the loss of democracy in America.

BACK COVER: The Rules of the Game (1939) Jean Renoir was a director who Robin greatly valued as a stylist and a social critic; particularly for his complex presentation of class and sex-gender relations in this film.


Tokyo Story (1953) Robin's admiration for Yasujiro Ozu involved the director's eloquent means of expressing his humanity. See Robin's article 'Resistance to Definition: Ozu's "Noriko" Trilogy', Sexual Politics and Narrative Film, (New York: Columbia, 1998).


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