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Films over the telephone.

"Video on demand" is around the corner, thanks to a new system developed by the telephone companies, using ordinary copper wire rather than coaxial cable or fiber optics technology. Tests will start next summer.

The new technology, developed by Bellcore, the research organization funded by the seven Bell telephone companies, allows a single line signal to be carried by an ordinary telephone wire to the home. A telephone subscriber will be able to simply dial for the desired film or program and have it appear on his television set at the desired time. The system does not allow switching channels, and it does not provide multiple choices, though this will be possible once the telephone companies' fiber optic networks expand sufficiently.

The Federal Communications Commission recently authorized the telephone companies to enter the television communications business but limited telephone company ownership of programmers to five per cent.

Bell Atlantic Corp., which announced the test involving the carrying of TV signals over copper wires to the home, said the programs would be digitalized and stored in a huge computer and would be fed out from there to the home. The billing procedure remains to be determined.
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Title Annotation:video carried by telephone wires
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Date:Jan 1, 1993
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