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Films of the week.


Girl with a Pearl Earring

BBC1 11.25pm

Colin Firth is 17th-century Dutch artist Vermeer in this enthralling period drama.

LA Confidential

C4 11.55pm

James Ellroy's 1950s-set novel is brought to vivid life in this crime drama, starring Russell Crowe and Guy Pearce.


Born Romantic

BBC4 10pm

Craig Ferguson, David Morrissey and Olivia Williams are among those looking for love in a salsa dancing club in this romance.

The Howling

ITV4 10pm

Reporter Dee Wallace Stone stumbles on a secret colony of werewolves in this horror with a witty script and impressively grisly creature effects.


Roman Holiday

C4 12.05pm

Channel 4's Audrey Hepburn week kicks off with her Oscar-winning role as a runaway princess who falls for an American newspaper reporter (played by Gregory Peck) in this charming love story. Eddie Albert also stars.

The War of the Roses

Film4 9pm

Viciously dark comedy, starring Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner as a couple whose perfect marriage descends into all-out war. A great antidote for anyone who overdosed on Valentine's Day schmaltz...



C4 12.05pm

William Holden is tempted to jilt his bride for Audrey Hepburn in this romcom - so big brother Humphrey Bogart plots to save the wedding by wooing her himself.

Air Force One

BBC3 10pm

Terrorist Gary Oldman hijacks the US president's plane in this exciting action thriller. Unfortunately for him, America elected Harrison Ford, who takes matters into his own hands... Glenn Close and Dean Stockwell also star.

Thursday Funny Face

C4 12.10pm

Yes, it's that woman again. Audrey Hepburn stars in this stylish Paris-set musical as a bookstore employee on whom photographer Fred Astaire sets his eye.

The Page Turner

C4 12.55am

Suspenseful French thriller, with Catherine Frot as a vengeful woman who plots against the pianist who ruined her musical career.

Friday The Ruins

BBC1 11.30pm

Premiere. Horror, with Jena Malone and Shawn Ashmore as hapless tourists who run into trouble while exploring recentlydiscovered Mayan ruins in Mexico.


BBC2 11.50pm

Premiere. Sporting drama, starring Algenis Perez Soto as a Dominican baseball player struggling to fit in when he is recruited to join an American team.



Film4 9pm

Lone survivor Sigourney Weaver leads a squad of marines into battle with the acid-spewing extraterrestrials that wiped out her crew. James Cameron's action-packed sci-fi sequel also stars Michael Biehn and Lance Henriksen.

Case 39

Sky Movies Premiere 10pm

Social worker Rene Zellweger adopts a 10-year-old girl after her parents tried to kill her, only to find they just might have had the right idea... There's shocks aplenty in this horror from director Christian Alvart. Jodelle Ferland co-stars.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Feb 13, 2011
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