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Filmmaker Phoenix Quwais Affirms His Creed with His Quwais Dictum.

Los Angeles, CA, March 26, 2019 --( Auteur filmmaker Phoenix Quwais is proud to announce, and magnanimously so, that his filmmaking code, "The Quwais Dictum" has been officially sent out to the heads of the Academy of Motion Pictures, BAFTA, and the Directors Guild of America.

In the spirit of Dogme 95, "The Quwais Dictum," according to Phoenix Quwais himself, is his vow of chastity to govern his filmmaking style and set himself apart from the monkey-see-monkey-doers that have saturated the business these days due to the digital filmmaking revolution. This style, Phoenix Quwais believes, will be synonymous with Phoenix Quwais and has already garnered the attentions of numerous copycats devoid of talent or creativity.

"The filmmaking business is full of literary and visual plagiarists. Filmmaking is expression. Expression is something you have inside that you want to put out there. Honest expression is filmmaking voice.There are too many so-called creatives in this industry, too many rip-off artists, too many caterpillars trying to be butterflies and be something they know deep down they are not," said Phoenix Quwais.

About The Filmmaker:

Phoenix Quwais is an artist in the filmmaking sense. He's a self-professed auteur filmmaker with talents likened to military spec weaponry. A star in the ascension, his films are diverse and unconventional in both style and implementation. You can read all about him online.

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Seraphim Demigod Films

Benevelous Dogood


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Date:Mar 26, 2019
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