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Film-coated fabrics.

Thin film-coated fabrics and flexible materials are produced for a broad range of industrial and consumer applications by Techni-Met. Coated and metallized wovens, nonwovens, polymeric films and other flexible substrate materials offer product application opportunities in insulation, barrier protection, filters and screens, conductive and reflective fabrics, EMI interference shielding and charge dissipation and barrier protection materials for electronic applications. Techni-Met Inc. designs functional physical, electrical and chemical coatings to provide such characteristics as barrier, shielding, conductive, protective, and reflective properties.

The company's precision single and multiple-layer thin film coatings include precious and non-magnetic metals and alloys, chemicals and compound coatings such as oxides and nitrates. Vacuum-sputtered depositions are produced on flexible substrates in 6-62-inch widths including woven and nonwoven fabrics, scrim, membranes and foam in gauges .25 to 20 mils as well as such polymeric films as polyester, polycarbonate, polyimide, fluoropolymer, polypropylene, vinyl, nylon and others in 1 to 7.5 mil gauges.
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Title Annotation:The Latest From Suppliers
Publication:Nonwovens Industry
Date:Dec 1, 2004
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