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Film hit turns out to be a real stinker.

FILM fans in Germany are finding the latest blockbusters get right up their noses - thanks to a new "smelly-vision" device.

Each customer at a Munich cinema is given a Walkman-sized gadget which squirts out aromas to match the screen action.

It can produce the acrid smell of smoke for war films, or even mimic the pong of dinosaur droppings for Jurassic Park.

German designer Stefan Reutz claims his "Sniffman" invention is a world first.

"In Japan, they tried squirting perfume from the chair backs, but after about quarter of an hour it was so strong no one could stand it any longer," he said. But his machine is activated by a radio signal which makes it squirt out the right fragrance at the right time.

Reutz said: "We can change the scent at least every minute."

After patenting the device two years ago, he says that now cinema chains across Europe are showing interest.
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Jun 14, 2001

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